High School Students Seeking To Finance Their College Education

school1 High School Students Seeking To Finance Their College Education

This post is for parents of Juniors and Seniors high school student seeking a way to get your child through the college process. The time as come for some high school students to decide what to do for the next four years or the day after graduation in some households. Senior high school student, now would be the time to submit your fafsa applications for financial aid, SAT/ACT test, college application request and submitting, scheduling interviews for campus visits for you athletes and evaluating athletic scholarship offers, obtaining reference letters from your counselors to put in your file, making sure you build positive relationships with your coaches and school administrators is very important juniors if you want their help when the time nears to finalize your college applications. The real crunch time takes place during the end of your junior and beginning of your senior high school year if you plan on attending college. Getting the highest score on your SAT/ACT test and polish and completing your applications.

What if you were the kid from hell in school during your entire time in high school? What do you do now? Grow the hell up and hope that college and your parent believe your college material. Study the free SAT/ACT online prep courses. Take the SAT/ACT test and achieve very high scores. That will surely get anyone’s attention if you were the goof off, the girl/boy who held hands, smoke weed, did drugs, party, sneak behind your parent back doing what you wanted to do and had sex in the bathroom and wanted to do you  when your parents tried to coach your immature butt through high school. Now is the time to see what your made of and put forth every effort about what your gonna do after high school graduation. Apply to the Air Force Academy or any of the Academies for that matter.

According to our Air Force Academy cadet who resides at the Air Force Academy. He will be graduating with the class of 2011. He gives this advice….stay abreast of the coursework, be honest and answer the questions to the best of your ability during the admission process and most of all; don’t forget you will need a nomination. Most of all he said he was lucky to have an opportunity to become an cadet because he really was not ready for the serious education…..therefore I think based on what he was really trying to say is…if it had not been for the powers to be, he would have been toast. He is thankful and feels very blessed!

school22 High School Students Seeking To Finance Their College EducationIf I had to be completely honest about my situation about how to get someone through college beside myself, it would be this.: Research every possible option available known to man…yes that would include the academies once you take a look at your 401K, savings, and that college fund you always said your going to save when you have children? Question your child’s ability to complete 4-5 years in college if you plan on putting your signature on any student loans applications….you know what your working with for real. Be for real with yourself….what did that child do in terms of school work their entire 12 years and educational while in school? I personally believe if a child grades and their ability to get through school based on merit can’t get Uncle Sam’s or private scholarship attention….hell you know the answer to that already. Maybe it’s just me but after being a recipient of student loans and grants, first generation college student and no money waiting for me when I was ready to go to college. I would have to say I might be the last person to take advice from. However, I am happy to announce that after screaming, literally packing my eldest son suitcase, watching him grow over the last 5 years as he transition from prep school to the academy and recently bring us the traditional last year Air Force cadet Christmas gift home. I would recommend the Air Force Academy to any parent to considering how to finance their child’s education. Just remember this though when you apply. Deadlines are important…your child must be 17-23 years old, no kids, never married, no real serious psychological/physical issues that would land that kid back on your doorstep. Many of parents had to deal with a kid returning home from the academy for one reason or another pertaining to those specific issues that they may or may have been aware of prior to be accepted for admissions into the Air Force Academy. Your child must be teachable. I would have a clear understanding that once your accept he better not knock on your door because he got kicked out for some tire nonsense or maybe that’s just me. I can’t say I miss my child to the point that I want him to return right away for nonsense…..I want the child to excel. Personally, I am looking forward to viewing the degree and enjoying the next stage of our eldest son development into adulthood. Almost becoming an empty nester never felt so good!

Can you guess which cadet belongs to us ? Women are encouraged to join too! You know if they had an academy for adults….I would sign up right away….I kid you not!

Other Academies to consider.:

West Point


National Guard



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