Hasselblad Hot New 200-Megapixel Camera for $45,000

hasselblad.jpeg Hasselblad Hot New 200 Megapixel Camera for $45,000

Hasselblad H4D-200MS….this gear cost as much as a car. Hasselblad’s patented piezo frame module, captures six shots simultaneously and combines them into an astounding super-resolution picture. WOW!

Hasselblad says the camera was designed for studio photographers, whose work requires the ultimate in resolution, extremely fine details and exacting color reproduction. “The H4D-200MS is ideal for capturing images of stationary items such as cars, jewelry, artwork and other high end products where there is no room for compromise in image quality,” Hassleblad stated in a press release announcing the camera. The H4D-200MS is available now for 32.000 Euro (plus tax). H4D-50MS owners have the option of upgrading their systems for 7.000 Euro (plus tax) by sending the camera to the factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. While the camera is being converted, the service team will make sure that the firmware and hardware is updated to ensure that the piezo modules’ strict tolerances, which are necessary for precise multi-shot capture, are met.
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