Happy Birthday Mr. President Barack Obama

hqdefault Happy Birthday Mr. President Barack ObamaToday is our 44th president of the United States birthday….Happy Birthday Mr. President. Our president is turning 49 years young today….he is only 4 years older than me! WOW! The president has one heck of an year…..in overdrive since he step foot into the big White House. I hopes he kicks back and enjoy a celebration of his birth-date on his birthday!

What did the president plan for his joyous birthday celebration today?

Since I have no intention of running for any political office. Since folks want to keep it 100%, sling mud and get out of pocket with their remarks toward our United States president of the United States on his birthday. Respect goes out the window no matter how you twist your words. I am going to chime in with a few non-welcome words of my own for them from this blog.:

Because there is always going to be an idiot out there who would gladly tear down a positive day….I wish to say for the president. FU you too! Mr. Limbaugh. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t sling shit….

To another hateful bitch…FU too! That is especially from me for Lady Obama…mind your own business….what they decide behind closed doors as an married couple is not open for discussion nor where they vacation nor their children. The couple deserves to have some marital privacy! What the couple decide to do on President Obama birthday is not up for discussion. Don’t be so fickle brain to be liked by your constituents and followers!

Add your name to the birthday card. I personally believe it adds a human touch to the highly discussed political African American couple personality and shows us a human side that we have not witness from previous political folks in office. Join Organizing for America invitation from Michelle Obama.

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