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The weather has hit above 100 degrees in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia region. There is a heatwave sweeping across the country. Yesterday in my neighborhood fire engines sound the alarm and swarmed in packs to a townhouse that was on fire. The four people inside the home were oblivious to the flaming fire on the deck on the back of their home. They really did not know their house was on fire…shingles were melting and wood was burning. Everything is dry in my community…When I ask the firemen what started the fire they really did not know until the fire Marshall conduct an inspection and issue a final report. There are a few speculations circulating about how the fire started. We may want to consider checking in our own backyards for precautionary measures to prevent a fire from starting in our backyard. This iPhone photo in this blog is the back of our neighbor’s home that caught on fire.

Thank goodness for kind neighbors who telephone the call in to the fire department. Minimal damage suffered to two townhouses but thankfully no one suffered any bodily harm.

There are a few things you should be mindful of as you inspect the perimeters of your home.:

  • Glass and mulch compost started it due to heat combustion. The temperature was hitting the 105 degrees and rising.
  • Cigarettes that are smothering and thrown in the trash can .
  • Propane cans can spark a fire and should not be stored near the home.
  • Dry grass can start a fire if folks throw lit or smoldering cigarettes on the lawn.
  • Crowds spaces with gas cans could start a spark a flame.
  • Faulty wiring in hidden spaces.
  • Smothering charcoal grills.
  • Fireworks, smoke bombs and anything that has fire attached to the end of it.
  • I ask my son what could start a fire and he said “heat, oxygen and fuel” will ignite a fire. If you take one of these elements out of it, the fire will go out. He learned that information from “NROTC!”

Time for us to do an home inspection and check things out today around the crib. In the meantime, drink plenty of water and keep a eye out on your neighbors and socialize among the folks in your communities.


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