Happening Around Town | Some Enchanted Evening For Noyes Children Library

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On November 3, 2010  I was cyber socializing and hanging out on my Facebook cyberstreet chatting with my cyberfriends. A message popped up from one of my cyberneighbors that prompt me to respond to the an offer that I did not think I would win. Shortly after I posted…I received a message: Mussel Bar Delores Randall, tix are yours, email us at info@musselbar(Julie can’t make it). OMG goodness I am doing the happy dance….thank you very much! I am delighted that my husband attended the event with me that was located at the Glen Echo Park – Spanish Ballroom. My husband and I had a blast, and the environment was absolutely an enchanted evening night. Thanks to the generous benefactors who gave me the tickets to the fabulous fundraising event, Mussel Bar Chef/Proprietor: Robert Wiedmaier & Press & Social Media: Polly Wiedmaier. My husband was very excited because he thought we were going to the Mussel Bar for the fundraiser located at  7262 Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda, MD, 20814 (301) 215-7817  It was not difficult to convince him to attend a night our for an enchanted evening.

Cafe 1894 and owner Duane Rollins every Thursday night is dedicated to Noyes and 20% of all proceeds are donated to the Foundation. Located 10417 Armory Avenue, Kensington, MD 20895, (Behind Connecticut Avenue Safeway) (301) 962-1894  info@cafe1894.com The purpose of the benefit is aimed to save Gala Aims to Save Noyes Library By Jesseka Kadylak.

Mussel Bar Be Our Guest~Chef RW is supporting “Some Enchanted Evening” Friday night, a benefit for Noyes Children’s Library. Be the first to leave a comment and two tickets are yours!

safe image.php?d=37b7d3e78f96d5c206463bc66d23baa9&w=90&h=90&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.noyeslibraryfoundation.org%2FImages%2FNoyesImageColor Happening Around Town | Some Enchanted Evening For Noyes Children Library
Dance the night away in one of the areas most beautiful settings, with the music of the Radio King Orchestra, Emcee Bob Madigan. of WTOP, and the graceful moves of Mad Hot Ballroom star Alex Tchassov and partner Sally Blenkey-Tchassova to inspire you! Enjoy demonstrations, instruction and opportunities. I was standing next to a young lady with a camera….the digital images from the event posted on the Kensington Patch. I did not bring a camera, all I had was my iPhone camera.
In my quirky manner…as soon I arrived  home I post this rant on my Facebook wall. My eyes was feasted on a Swarovki 30 inch handmade necklace containing Swarovski 9×8 mm wavy powder pearl beads. The necklace is accented with matching Swarovski 4mm bicone crystals and sterling silver round balls. The necklace included a floral sterling silver toggle class. The lovely Swarovski pearls donated by Katie Dream Beads…but all the fabulous dolls want them. Some one else walked away with the bounty.
Delores Randall

‎@Mussel Bar…you good folks are the da truth. Sista girl love hanging out with you good folks in Bethesda. Seriously my husband and I had the best time…it was my pleasure meeting the young lady who communicated with me via email. I lov…e real people and you folks are truly on top of your “A” game. I hope that the foundation raised enough money for the cause. On a side note, we really need to learn how to ball dance and waltz…my son taught me ages ago but I never thought I would actually use it…don’t ell anyone…Thank you again…I am poop! http://www.noyeslibraryfoundation.org/
Footage of video recorded with my iPhone.
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