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I can kick myself for not picking up the New York annual spring and fall fashion issue. The issue provided an in-depth look at the trends and ideas from that season’s fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York. The magazine also includes fashion related essays, and an extensive photo portfolio by one documentary photographer who spent time at the shows in all three cities.

The glossy digital images I study and the fashion on the runway is absolutely beautiful…The Photographer Marco Grob shot all three events put in a lot of work and time to get the best shots to share with the fashionistas around the world. source

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I have always heard the adage “New York” is the city that never sleeps. New Magazine “The Neighborhoods Issue, this issue is about the best places to live in New York City. I missed this issue too! It is expensive to live in New York….I remember visiting a cousin of mine that lived in the Bronx and his apartment was small but cost him a fortune to live in his very cool dwelling. The food, the shows and the fashion district made my eyes water and heart skip a beat. I love New York minus the honking horns….and traffic congestion. I have been to a few of the neighborhoods in New York City, companies I’ve work for sent me to New York for training and some of my friends still reside in the hustling city. The energy that exudes from the New Yorkers is not for the meek….fast pace, type “A” and New Yorkers be on their daily grind nonstop. The mecca for….. source

On a side note NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Mother passed away at the ripe age of 102. R.I.P

Mayor Bloomberg released the following statement Sunday night: “Today, my sister Marjorie and I lost our mother, Charlotte, after an extraordinary 102 years of life. As the center of our family, our mother’s unimpeachable integrity, fierce independence, and constant love were gifts that profoundly shaped our lives and the lives of so many who knew her. Our family recognizes how truly blessed we have been to have her live such a long and full life, and to be able to carry her spirit with us forever.”

The exact cause of Mrs. Bloomberg’s death has not been made public. Jewish law requires burial take place as soon as possible — preferably within 24 hours of death. According to the mayor’s office the burial will be private; the memorial will take place at a date to be announced.

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