Happening Around Town | Al Sharpton Reclaiming the Dream

Al Sharpton Happening Around Town | Al Sharpton Reclaiming the Dream

Photograph by Jake Chessum for Newsweek

Al Sharpton has been on his grind since he hit the sidewalks running to fight discrimination and injustices against folks in this country since the civil right era. Dude is relentless, does not give a damn about the naysayers and could care less if you don’t like him. One thing is for certain is we need someone on the forefront to fight for reclaiming our dreams during this horrific economic crisis folks in my generation have experience over the past several years. We have had banks lie to us about interest rates, watch banks get bailed out, police act a fool on the very streets they are suppose to protect us, a black president who is taking a beating for every failure our country has witness from our television screens and most of all unemployed folks striving to get a JOB despite how much it pays…all American people are struggling to reclaim their dreams and to save face during this recession.

Despite what we all have to say about Al Sharpton methods to convey the message out to the folks….the “National Action Network” continues to move forward with seeking change for all people. Will you be attending “Reclaiming the Dream?” Get this…the same day the “Reclaiming the Dream” demonstration is taking place, the tea partyer’s will be across town spewing their agenda. Go figure! On August 28, 1963 was the year that Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech took place. King’s delivery of the speech on August 28, 1963, from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, was a defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement.

Fast forward….Al Sharpton never gave up on that dream and he is coming back to reclaim the dream for all folks!

August 28, 2010 | 11:00 am | Dunbar High School | 1301 New Jersey Avenue Northwest | Washington, DC
47 years ago, the March on Washington took place where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his I Have a Dream speech at the March on Washington. 47 years later, Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network invites you to reclaim the dream. We’ve made progress but our struggle still continues. Please join us and register for the historic Reclaim the Dream Rally and March on Saturday, August 28th in Washington DC at Dunbar High School at 11 am. National Action Network will mobilize progressive leaders, clergy, activists and “Dream Keepers” for a mass rally. There are conservative groups and tea party members that are holding rallies the same day at the Lincoln Memorial and we want to show the world that THE DREAM LIVES ON.
This is going to be interesting and an historical event for all photographers to come out to snap images for their portfolios…

At a meeting of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, several prominent African America leaders have taken up the cause to preserve the memory of Dr. King and the meaning of this anniversary. Here are some of the comments from the meeting:

hqdefault Happening Around Town | Al Sharpton Reclaiming the DreamMarc Morial, President, National Urban League: “We’re going to get together because we are not going to let Glenn Beck own the symbolism of Aug. 28th, 2010. Someone said to me, ‘Maybe we shouldn’t challenge him. Maybe we should just let him have it.’ I was like, ‘Brother, where have you been? Where is your courage? Where is your sense of outrage?’ We need to collaborate and bring together all people of good will, not just Black people, on Aug. 28 to send a message that Glenn Beck’s vision of America is not our vision of America.”

Rev. Al Sharpton, President, National Action Network: “…there is no way in the world that I am going to allow [Beck] to have more people there than us. I hope every Black person in the country will help us to challenge this. Everybody’s got to be in Washington. We can’t let them hijack Dr. King’s dream.”

Ben Jealous, President, NAACP: “A group of White males wealthier than their peers called the Tea Party has risen up in the land. They say that they want to take the country back. And take it back they surely will. They will take it back to 1963 if we let them.” [...] “We will be fighting Glenn Beck on Aug. 28th and we will be using that to leverage the second march [on October 2nd, for jobs and justice].”

The Reinvention of Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

New Black Panther’s Said “They are challenging Glen Beck to bring their crew. Panther’s are bringing their crew too!

It Ain’t A Black Thing Only – non blacks are welcome to attend this event. You have more folks hiding behind their alias from their computer screens spewing hatred and racist comment more than ever in this country…don’t believe me pull up a video of President Obama and read the comments on Youtube. Freedom of speech when it is convenient my ass…..go figure! When are people going to get tire of the division of race in a country that is rich and filled with opportunities that some folks are willing to risk their lives for to just kiss our soil?

The rally won’t be a means to confront Beck and his supporters, Sharpton said, but will highlight King’s dream of equal rights for all, the fact that it remains unfulfilled and show support for other causes, including immigration rights, women’s rights and worker’s rights.

“August 28th is our moment in history,” he said, “and we should not let it be hijacked by those who don’t even believe in the dream or the form of government of the dream.”

Glen Back compares his actions to Martin Luther King

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