Golden Globe Awards Martin Scorsese Tribute Winning Speech

14428979 33961b Golden Globe Awards Martin Scorsese Tribute Winning Speech

Congratulations and thank goodness the industry acknowledge this talented man….it took them long enough! In this video the 2010 Golden Globe Awards MARTIN SCORSESE TRIBUTE Winning Speech. He deserved the standing ovation from the audience.

As far as I’m concerned, making films and preserving them are the same thing. In this room, none of us who make films and watch them would be here without the people who came here before us. Whether it’s DeMille, Hitchcock, the Senegalese filmmaker Ousamane Sembene, Kurosawa or John Ford, de Sica, Bergman, Satiajit Ray, we’re all walking in their footsteps every day, all of us…[DeMille] made these pictures for us, the audience, so we could live in their wonders. He was from the beginning, when films were born. He helped create the narrative style and language that we use today, shaped film as an art form, as a business, and as a mythical landscape. He led the way for all of us. When we look at his films, or Hitchcock or Kubrick, we all remember that motion pictures are part of a continuum, a living, ongoing history. And for me to be a part of all that, well…I thank you, and I thank you so much.

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  • Sean

    Thanks for also catching Scorcese’s shout out to especially Sembene.

    Mainstream American film culture is so insular (except when it comes to European cinema) that you’re shocked when one of its stars, acknowledge the place and contributions of African cinema.

    Of course, I am really surprised by Scorsese’s behavior given his work on film restoration and support for African films, but it was nice to see it being done at a stuffy event like the Golden Globes.

    • geekgirl

      Your quite welcome….personally I don’t think he receives many kudos from the industry but heck I am only one person w an opinion.

    • geekgirl

      By the way thanks for sharing your link in the comment. I checked out your website and I am feeling it….the commentary. I believe people should share information w others… brings awareness. What I did not know from reading one of your post is Africa is without a president? Now—-that is deep! I am sure the good folks of Africa want some form of leadership and representation for their country.:

      Nigeria’s been without a President for at least two months. The incumbent, Umaru Yar’Adua, is in Saudi Arabia getting treatment for a heart condition. So the country’s effectively been without a leader all this time. This is in a context where the Nigeria’s now been placed on the US’s list of countries identified with terrorism and when political violence is tearing one its states apart.