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I am the first one that love to eat at restaurants where my food is prepared by a chef. However, one must stick to a budget to eat breakfast. Why not whip up some scramble eggs, microwave some turkey bacon or broil some sausage, toast some bread and brew your own java? EXACTLY!

Wake up 30 minutes everyday and COOK and PREPARE your own breakfast in that kitchen you pay for each month! Keep it moving and you have breakfast on the go in less than 30 minutes. If you’re really press for time prepare your breakfast the night beforehand and nuke for 30 seconds in the microwave the next day. The cost is pennies on the dollar. Then on the weekend do your eating out at the restaurants with your love one and friends…everyone has gotta eat breakfast during the week!

Breakfast is easy to prepare.

The first thing to do is put on your coffee or tea…in my case the coffee wins!

Broil the sausage before cooking the eggs, microwave turkey bacon for 1 minute. Done

Crack open the eggs…swish in a pan, pour in hot pan and scramble to desire tenderness.

Put margarine in the frying pan on a med temperature, stir eggs as they fluff, put cheese and seasoning in the mix. Done

Toast bread while waiting for head and brew your java…sip on the coffee while waiting. Wrap in foil and keep it moving. Done.

1 dozen of eggs will feed a family of 4. Do the math….preparing breakfast at the crib on a budget is easy on the pocket.

It took me longer to write this post than to actually make the breakfast. When I break down the cost to my husband I look at him like he has a third eye in the middle of his forehead. If you eat at McDonald’s every day for one person just for breakfast, you’re spending at least $5 a pop 5-7 times a week, Starbucks coffee can set you back at least $4-5 a pop and you get the gist of what I am putting down here. And that is just for breakfast, remember you still have to eat lunch and dinner. Forget all that fancy celebrity ish that most folks try to keep up with….you ever see any of those folks in the tabloids eating breakfast foods? At the local grocer, you can purchase a dozen of eggs for $2-3 dollars, packets of bacon/turkey sausage for under $5 and if you have a coupon…you’re going to be doing the happy dance.

Note: Breakfast does not have to be fancy. It just has to be delicious and edible. Serve with a side of fruit, yogurt, and your favorite drink in your favorite Starbucks cup. YUMMY! Oh yeah pack a bag lunch while your at it…

Note: Unless a fast food joint is giving you and your family coupons and free meals everyday…forget about it! Eat your breakfast at home and do it on your budget, your stomach will thank you for it and so will your wallets and pocketbooks!

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