Food | Pot of Pinto Beans and Chicken

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Two days later after preparing Cream of Mushroom Meatballs. I had a pork roast bone sitting in the freezer ready to use to make a pot of pinto beans. Soak your beans overnight or for a couple of hours. I was told when I was younger that is how you release the gas out of the bean. I used the leftover vegetables and rosemary stems from the meatball recipe, a variety of seasonings, basil, oregano, garlic, pepper, cilantro and two cans of chunky chicken breast. Pinto beans are great served over rice or noodles. I love eating beans for lunch or dinner. Very easy to prepare. Allow to simmer for three hours or until the bean is tender. Package remaining beans and freeze.

The photos are not that great…the lighting was horrible and I was snapping while cooking. No helper were available to assist in the kitchen. I am told that the best way to get food photography photos popping is shooting in nature light. I did not have the energy to take a pot of piping hot beans from the stove top and place them in front of my window for natural light. This post is to show you it is not hard to make your own beans at home. Did you know it cost about $8-15 for a bowl of soup at 3-5 star restaurants? Just my personal observation but the Pinto beans were flavorful and Rosemary does something magical to beans and sauces. YUM!



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