Food | Hubby Grilling Porkchops During the Week

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By now everyone and their momma should know I love food and cooking it in my kitchen…yeah plus the fact it is easy to share how we prep our dishes through blogging about it. They say the best way to a man’s stomach is through his stomach…well the same thing rings true for a woman. My husband loves to grill. He get his grilling on when it is his turn to cook for the family. Men do some cooking in kitchen. Takes less than 20-30 minutes to prepare. YUMMY!

Any man can go to a fast food restaurant or take a woman out to eat but nothing tickles the heart like a man showing a woman what he working with in the kitchen. This is my hubby grilling dinner during the week, easy to prepare, season the pork chops, pop the pork chops in the oven to grill, sauteed the spinach on top of the stove with a drop of Olive Oil until desired tenderness-season with garlic, cook rice while pork chops are grilling and of course my infamous Pinto beans as a topping. YUMMY! A sista girl was grinning from ear to ear…yeah mane! That is what I my tummy is talking about….

Hubby purchased the Pork chops from Costco. I snap photos while he grilled the Porkchops with my walk around Canon 50D.

Please note: It may not be staged food photography but it sure does taste YUMMY! These images are for real people that eat at home for dinner everyday…#JUSTSAYING in real life we eat our food! The White Meat that most folks sleep on is damn good….

TIP: Always thaw your frozen meat in the refrigerator the day before to prevent bacteria from growing on the meat. Back in the day folks would take their meat out and place it on a counter to thaw. Not a good ideal and not healthy for the family. If you must prepare the meat, thaw the meat in cold water in your sink. Cold water thaws meat.

Photo | Delores Randall

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