Flickr Picture of the Day “Merry HDR Christmas”

324879093 b59a9c7bfd Flickr Picture of the Day Merry HDR Christmas

Merry HDR Christmas, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.

Merry Christmas to all the folks who visit this blog and showed it some love. I appreciate your readership and I hope to continue blogging next year. Christmas is a big deal around here and with my birthday landing on New Year’s Eve; it is an ongoing party into the New Year. Dinner, family gatherings and tons of laughter. I hope you all enjoy your family and show them good cheer despite this horrible economy. Christmas is not all about materialism. Sometimes it can be very commercialize and we tend to forget it is not about spending money although Christmas does give some of us a reason to shop. Remember to smile, laugh and love one another into the new year. That being said, take care and hope to click on in 2009.
Flickr picture of the day. This is a gorgeous picture done with HDR.



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