Fierce Women | $30 Million Dollar Blogger “Arianna Huffington”

Arianna Fierce Women | $30 Million Dollar Blogger Arianna Huffington

Charles Ommanney / Getty Images for Newsweek Arianna Huffington at her home in July.

Look at this women…..fabulous and fierce at the tender ripe age of 60 years old doing what she loves. Blogging has been her full-time gig and it generates some serious cheese for her website. The Huffington Post, attracted 24.3 million unique visitors last month, five times as much traffic as many new-media rivals, more than The Washington Post and USA Today, and nearly as many as The New York Times.

I am sure folks are giving Arianna the middle finger as she rivals some of the traditional media outlets. The Internet has changed the way business is conducted, content delivered to end users and information is being conveyed to readers today. Nowadays everyone has a voice and can chime in cyberspace with their opinions and point of view. The Internet closed the gap of communication and opened up a door for bloggers to voice their opinions in a voice that would make conservatives cringed and straight lace folks raise an eyebrow…for some folks being real and raw is something they rather keep behind closed doors. It is allowing folks to communicate with one another at a rapid pace that was unheard of twenty, ten and five years ago. As much as the haters hate folks who blog and give their out pocket opinions…..I am inspired by the Newsweek article about Ms. Ariana Huffington. 60 years old is looking damn good from were I am sitting….excellent article and Arianna Huffington is an inspiration for bloggers to continue to do what they love to do….blogging on their blog to your hearts content.


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