Fierce Spawns | Pinkett-Smith Children

Jada Kids Fierce Spawns | Pinkett Smith Children

The last few days while trolling the cyberspace street – I have watched kids dancing and gyrating on stage in scantily clad lingerie, lap dance and a son kiss his momma full on the lips. HUH! What I love about this digital picture is that each child has an individuality that they are allowed to express in a wholesome manner. Of course you have some bloggers who may beg to differ but heck they are entitled to their own opinion. It is of my humble opinion that one thing for sure we won’t be seeing from these kids is weird ish…..I just don’t fathom the “Pinkett-Smith” family being down for any nonsense from their spawn, unless of course they move out of the crib. They look like very cool kids to live with…… I am sure their parents enjoy their company too!


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