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abby Fierce Spawns | Abby Sunderland

Abby’s parents had feared that their beloved 16 year old daughter was lost at sea.. I wonder if she going to give up or keep sailing along on course in the open seas? My hat is tipped off to this courageous young lady…she is truly an inspiration that you can do anything you set your young/old mind to and to just do it! Nowadays  teenagers her age you can’t get them to vacuum their bedrooms without asking them, let alone talk about going solo on the ocean all by themselves in a small vessel with a a few items to survive on during the heroic act..the child would probably look at you with a side eye and think you hit your head on the wall. I salute her for going out into the ocean in a vessel by herself….more than I could say about myself hitting the high seas solo and without a captain at that to steer the boat.

Searchers flying over the Indian Ocean made contact early this morning with the teenage American girl feared lost at sea attempting a solo sail around the world in a 40-foot boat.

Abby Sunderland, miraculously, was alive and well.

They spotted the 16-year-old’s boat in an upright position in a remote and treacherous section of the ocean off Madagascar and spoke to her by radio.

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