Eniko Mihalik Vogue and Dressed Up Housewives

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Eniko Mihalik Vogue Nippon spread in the December 2010 issue hot housewives is cute but heck some of us prefer to run around in sweats. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a payphone on a corner in a rural town…nowadays most folks have cellphones. I don’t think it would be fun to play dress up to do my daily household chores around the house in designer gear that is made for going on for lunch or dinner, nor play in the landscaping bed with my silky dress with a turban wrapped around my heard, and lord knows I am not interest in going to a playground in six inch pumps. I suppose my thinking must change but the digital photographs are nice to look at….although the last time I dug in my landscaping bed it was 100 degrees outside and that was when I was re-potting my Easter Daisy’s. I was wearing pants from the green slacks from the Gap that I purchased on sale for $4, my battered and worn black summer straw hat, yellow and green gardening gloves and a sleeveless orange wife beater teashirt. Sweat was pouring down my brown face and the sun was beating down on my head. As I was digging up the mulch to plant my potted daisies, I stumbled upon an ant mound that made me abort the planting project in less than 30 minutes. It was wrap after that…..after the horror of ants crawling on my arm that I thought was sweat until I look down at my arm. It was kick my feet up, watch television and stay cool in my air conditioned home. I gave my next door neighbor two of the withering plants that I could not pot. Which by the way she threw away…..VOGUE created this editorial I suppose for wives to fantasize about escaping to another place besides their mundane house wife lifestyle. The last time I dressed up and I was walking the dog in a summer dress, my next door neighbor asked me where I was going after I walked the dog….nowhere was my reply. It was a simple basic cotton sheath at that. LOL really loud in Maryland at the mere thought of dressing up, putting on cake up makeup and high heel shoes to parade around in the rural neighborhood. Uh huh! Nice spread in December Vogue Nippon….the turban is very cute. I can see sporting that around my crib!

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