Email Bag | Lucis Pro 6 and LucisArt 3 News

GTown Email Bag | Lucis Pro 6 and LucisArt 3 News

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I learned about Lucis Art several years ago when the creative team of Image Content Technology was looking for beta testers for the new Lucis Art Pro 6 release. The beta testing was abandon when the developer discovered that torrents websites uploaded her Adobe Photoshop plugin for folks to download by passing the codes written in the program to function without paying for it. The catch 22 of downloading the Lucis Art plugin from a torrent website is that it does not function correctly, could contain a virus that forces the computer to stop functioning and there are gray shadows in the image background….YUCK! The Lucis Art 2 and Lucis Art 3 versions forced the company to recreate a Adobe Photoshop plugin that could not be downloaded onto the torrent websites. Additionally a key is needed to install the current version of Lucis Art Pro 6 and the cost was a huge factor for a lot of creative folks, making it exclusive for creative folks with deep pockets…a major factor for low sales is creative industry folks wanted to keep the Lucis Art tool exclusive and a secret to combat their competition.

Starting at midnight PST on January 1, 2011, Image Content Technology LLC (ICT) will become a Windows only software company. At that time sales of the Macintosh LucisArt 3 software will cease.

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hqdefault Email Bag | Lucis Pro 6 and LucisArt 3 News

Lucis Pro 6 and LucisArt 3 News

Image Content Technology LLC

Newsletter #12

Dear Delores,

I am writing to notify you of a sad and difficult decision I have made.  Starting January 1, 2011, Image Content Technology will only sell the Windows versions of LucisArt 3 and Lucis Pro 6.

The 32-bit Macintosh versions of LucisArt 3 and Lucis Pro 6 will be supported until January 1, 2014, with paid tech support (after the free six-month tech support period) for use of the software in Photoshop CS3 to CS5 and on computers with OS 10.5 to 10.6 only. (Please visit the tech support pages at and for more information.)

The Macintosh LucisArt 3 software is discounted $30. The price of Lucis Pro 6 has been reduced from $595 to $495 until January 1, 2011 only.  This means that right now it is also $100 less expensive to upgrade from LucisArt 3 to Lucis Pro 6.  (Please visit the online store at for more information.)

Developing the 64-bit version of the Macintosh software would cost as much as developing the 32-bit version did, and I am still paying down software development costs from the last round.  My software development costs ended up being 5 times what I originally planned, largely because of the development of the 64-bit Windows software.

It costs huge amounts of money and takes a lot of work to keep up with the technology developments at Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe.

I have been selling LucisArt software since the summer of 1999.  From the beginning lack of referrals has been a problem. People keep my software a secret because they want the competitive advantage.

I appreciate my customers, and you have paid good money so you do not also have to recommend me.  (And of course some customers do recommend me- I am especially grateful to them.)  However if many customers recommend a company’s software then the company thrives. If customers keep the software a secret then the company does not thrive. It is that simple.

I have talked to many customers about this situation.  Most customers tell me that the market is just so competitive that they feel they have to keep Lucis as their secret weapon. I understand and sympathize with this position.  However as a one-woman company I cannot overcome this lack of referrals.

This is not a pricing issue.  I sold LucisArt 2 for over 8 years for $169 with $25 discount  coupon codes and $42 commissions and I only sold about 8,000 copies.  I lost money even though I had a 0% return rate.  (FYI my return rates are also 0% to date for LucisArt 3 (with a 7-day return period) and Lucis Pro 6 (with a 30-day return period).

Windows is fine because I have already developed the 64-bit Windows software. But I will stop Macintosh sales on January 1, 2011, because my sales levels do not support developing the 64-bit Macintosh software.

If my situation changes and sales drastically increased then of course I would reconsider this decision. But I understand the difficult market all of you are facing, so I am not expecting anything to change.  I am happy that the Lucis software was able to help you make money.

I thank all of my customers.  I appreciate your business and wish I had more marketing resources. I am very sorry that I have to discontinue Macintosh software sales, but this is the most profitable choice for me right now.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  I know some of you will be very disappointed in this decision but please do not send me angry e-mails. I am sad enough as it is. Please respect that I know my business situation, I considered many alternatives, and this is what I have to do.

I am traveling until December 8 and will be impossible to reach by phone. If you give me your number and some good times to call I will try and call you.

All my best

Barbara Williams
Image Content Technology LLC
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