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adobe lightroom Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.7 This is an important Adobe Light 2 software update for folks who already own the Adobe Lightroom 2 application and need to update from a previous version. You may want to demo the product as well. The version that I had was 2.3 and I was badly in need of the update. This is really cool since Adobe Lightroom 3.0 is right around the corner.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom it is developed by professional photographers for digital photographers, the main focus of it is to allow photographers to spend more time behind their digital cameras and less in front of the computer to edit photos, as the Lightroom will organize and sort photos faster than any other similar product that you may find on the market. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is equipped with excellent tools developed especially for professional photographers :

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Adobe Lightroom 3 has been in public beta since last October. It’s due out this summer. Lightroom 3  likely to remain a standalone application; last week’s announcement of Adobe Battlestar Galactica–correction, Adobe Creative Suite 5–clarified that even though the Amazing CS5 suite comprises 14 products (see reviews), Lightroom will not be included in any of the versions. LR3 is due this summer, Adobe says. Price hasn’t been set but it appears likely to remain around $300 list, $200 street, $100 for an upgrade.

Lightroom Version 3 features include faster organizing of files and on-the-fly rendering of image previews; the ability to deal with even larger photo sets in each catalog; basic support for videos in the lightroom catalogs; better noise reduction of high-ISO images; and slide shows. In general, Adobe made Lightroom 3 an even better tool for serious users while adding a bit more ease of use.

  • powerful utilities for better support of large pix which will allow you to fast load and import photos from any camera card or directly connected digital cameras, also it allows you to rename, organize and perform small enhances to your imported photos
  • remembers import and exports actions you performed so that the next time you perform one of this actions you’ll get some presets
  • automatically transforming of default file formats into Digital Negative, aka DNG format, when you import photos and also supports the conversion into DNG of the photos placed in your library
  • multiple great effect tools such as : white balance, contrast controllers, exposure, midtones, shadows, saturation, advanced hue, luminance, zoom, sharpness, noise, black and white, red-eye removal, dust removal, crop and many others
  • powerful editing provided for up to 140 raw formats which won’t modify the original photos
  • before and after editing side by side displaying of your photos, so you can see the current state of your editing photo
  • access to every photo editing history for every form the photo has taken
  • lots of ways for you to view and preview your edited photos and also lots of ways in which you can organize them
  • manual reorganizing tool for pics which allows you to drag and drop photos into any location you desire
  • multiple file renaming tool for imported photos which allows you to set a default title for all of them
  • support for editing, importing and reading metadata entries such as  XMP, EXIF, IPTC and others
  • metadata importing
  • possibility to organize and use your photo library when you’re not online
  • support for photo library storing on CDs and DVDs
  • keywording assignment for your photos so that you’ll find them much faster
  • preset tools for printing of photos in high quality
  • you can preview live web galleries for HTML and Adobe Flash presentations
  • one click uploading of galleries on FTP
  • multiple options that help great incredible slideshows that can comprise music playing in the background which you can get from a digital music library such as the iTunes
  • watermark option for slideshows, photos, printed photos, web galleries which will distinguish your photos

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can be used at first as a demo version which offers you 30 days of free trial, but with some limited functions. If you don’t want to work with the demo version, you should purchase and download the full version of it which has a price of $299.

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