Donatella Versace needs a meal ASAP

Donatella Versace is a famous women and a very wealthy women in the fashion industry with an anorexic daughter who sports the same exact skinny image that you see in this picture. Donatella lost her famous brother Versace some years ago and he was a jewel of a fashion designer too. I hate to see her looking this skinny in the picture in this post. She is obviously starving herself in the name of beauty and fashion or she is on drugs. She does not look healthy at all! Someone in her close circle of insiders, friends and family members need to pull her up and tell her that it is not fabulous being this thin and especially if your going to show your body on a beach in a bikini. Not fierce at all, what is she thinking. Donatella looks like a walking skeleton….she needs a few meals ASAP. It is a sad sight to see a wealthy women of her statue to be that skinny…sad I tell ya. Money can’t buy happiness and it damn sure can’t buy health either.


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