Digital Photo of the Day | Texas Gov. Rick Perry College Transcript

perry 691x530 Digital Photo of the Day | Texas Gov. Rick Perry College Transcript

It should comes as no surprise if no one in the GOP has brought up Rick Perry’s college transcript while in attendance at Texas A&M University. Matter of fact his transcript appears to reflect a man that ran our country into the ground for eight years. What did Perry really do in college? Perry has a lot of C and D’s in a majority of his courses. Just saying, is this the dude that is suppose to know how to jump start a flailing economy? You have folks that made better grades while in college than Perry that can’t find a decent job. It is going to be really hard to convince high school students why they should consider college? How do you encourage a child to get excellent grades when folks all around them are able to get decent jobs simply by dumbing down? What most working folks are not paying attention to is that the everyday average working class American can’t get their foot in the door without a degree, work experience or some college while maintaining decent grades. The elite class doesn’t have the same issues, concerns and problems that the working class people have figure out everyday.

“Very proud to stand before you today and tell you I graduated in the top 10 in my graduating class (applause) … of 13,” the GOP presidential candidate joked during a crowd of about 10,000 college students today at Liberty University in Virginia. That is not funny considering students are struggling to stay in college and find employment themselves after graduation. It is quite obvious Perry is attempting to win the college student population with his lame jokes.

“Four semesters of organic chemistry made a pilot out of me,” the 1972 graduate joked.

Taking a more serious tone, Perry said  he was “lost spiritually and emotionally” after completing his service in the Air Force

I love this line. This the line that is suppose to garner the Church folks that are all righteous but I have found to be the most bias group to win over. Oh yeah, you know the ones. The one that quote scriptures, live by faith and not by sight that live in the church seven days a week but are the biggest sinners….Uh huh!

“I spent many a night pondering my purpose, talking to God, wondering what to do with this one life among the billions that were on the planet,” Perry said. “What I learned as I wrestled with God was that I didn’t have to have all the answers, that they would be revealed to me in due time and that I needed to trust him.

“My faith journey is not one of someone who turned to God because I wanted to, it was because I had nowhere else to turn,” the governor added.

Perry said he did not grow up knowing he wanted to be a governor or a president and that he listened to God to find his purpose. “Do not fret if you do not know your place in the world yet, or what you want to be one day,” Perry told the crowd of students. “Simply trust. Trust that God wouldn’t have put you here unless he had a unique plan for your life.”

“This country is your country as well,” Perry said. “Don’t leave it to a bunch of Washington politicians to tell you how to live your life.”

Of course not, no the tea party wants you and I to believe they care about the American working class people. They want to pick up where former President Bush left off and what Wall Street did not rob your coffers of….the GOP wants to be the nail in the coffers for generations to come.

You can trust these words. If Perry and his croonies take over the White think you’re worrying now about where to find a job, any job for the matter, healthcare, social security, medicare, how you’re going to pay for college, your future and how you’re going take care of your family? Perry and his croonies will remove all trust that you have in faith in the almighty God himself. You would have all sold your souls to the devil with the fake tan and Cheshire grin.


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