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Nyasha Maronhodze


Parents everywhere can expect their teenagers to beg for Louis Vitton in a store nearest them….gorgeous photos and gorgeous girls.

16-year-old who won her modeling contract in a competition has been announced as the new face of Louis Vuitton. Nyasha Maronhodze entered the modeling world just two years ago after winning the UK Elite Model Look competition in 2009.

In an interview with The Cut she said, “If you’re not strong-minded, modeling can knock your confidence quite harshly. Every day you’re judged on your look, and more so today you’re judged on your personality. With that said, a lot of us are 15 or 16 years old, so some girls could really take the criticism personally. What we have to understand is that there’s not something wrong with us per se, we just aren’t a right fit with the client.”

When asked about Zimbabwe she said:

“I moved to England when I was 8, so I do still have memories of Zimbabwe; falling asleep in the sand, bathing outside, the warmth of the sun, and just the way of living. Moving to England, I saw their perspective on Africa and what they think it’s like, and it’s completely the opposite. I went back to Zimbabwe three years ago and it’s so lovely; they’re happy with who they are and their traditions. I love going back home.” (The Cut)

The rest of the line up includes models Zuzanna Bijoch, 17, Daphne Groeneveld 16, Gertrud Hegelund, 20, Anaïs Pouliot, 19, and Fei Fei Sun, 21 – who together have an average age of 18.

The girls take over from Kristen McMenamy, 46, Raquel Zimmermann, 28, and Freja Beha Erichsen, 23, who for the past two seasons have brought an elegant touch of maturity and sophistication to Louis Vuitton’s campaigns. Uma Thurman, now 41, and Madonna, 52, have also starred in past campaigns.

The industry newcomer models couture clothes from Louis Vuitton’s latest collection in a advertising campaign art directed by the label’s creative head, Marc Jacobs and shot by world-renowned fashion photographer Stephen Meisel.


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