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Iman is the legendary supermodel that has been gracing the runaway and fashion world for 30 years. Can we all say “BRAVO!” Iman is 55, ooooh honey 55 yeas old is looking good from where I am sitting. From the looks of the fabulous digital images and revealing behind the scenes video footage….it appears like it was absolutely a fun photoshoot and fun was had by all of the creative folks! Iman exudes that mysterious timeless mystique that some models lack and can only hope to have as they age. IMAN is the epitome of beauty for women of all ethnic backgrounds. Any women approaching their golden years should be delighted that we have women willing to show us that maintaining your beauty and getting glamourous is fun at any age. It is ok to be chic, fabulous, funny and honest with yourself and others!

The superest supermodel and new host of Bravo’s The Fashion Show reflects on her career in the spotlight, fancying David Bowie, and why glamour is eternal. Read the interview and watch the behind-the-scenes video below and then see all the images from the December photo shoot.

By Simon Doonan

Iman is a legend, an entrepreneur, and a style icon. She is also the host, along with Isaac Mizrahi, of Bravo’s The Fashion Show. She’s so insanely fabulous that she has even designed a home collection—because who doesn’t want to live in her house? But who is the woman behind the flawlessly glamorous facade?

Simon Doonan: How many times a day do you Google yourself?

Iman: Every five minutes. I simply can’t take my eyes off myself. Kidding! I would rather Google other people than Google myself.

SD: Have you ever thrown a cell phone at anyone?

Iman:No! And if anyone threw one at me, it would come right back at them like a boomerang. If I feel frustrated in a situation, I take a deep breath and walk away.

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