Digital Photo of the Day | Images BP Doesn’t Want You To See “The Encroaching Sludge”

BP Oil Sludge Digital Photo of the Day | Images BP Doesnt Want You To See The Encroaching Sludge

OMG! Imagine your kid stepping their foot in that poodle of oil in this digital image when you turn your back for a split second or rubbing suntan lotion on your back? You know kids will pick up anything when they are young and naive. The beach is not the place to be right now regardless of how hot it is outside especially anywhere near the Gulf. Until BP clean up the oil spill mess I wouldn’t want to dip a toe into the oily murky darken sludge waters. BP gas guzzling leak is still wrecking havoc on the shore and into the water. They are struggling to get wildlife out of the oily water, imagine what it will do your skin? BP Plc will add trained sea turtle rescuers to all oil-spill clean up teams when controlled burning of the Gulf oil spill resumes as the weather clears, a lawyer for several wildlife advocacy groups said today. I don’t know about you but something tells me it is going to be a long time before my family get into any ocean…shit is that real in the gulf and none of us want to be anywhere near the oily water let alone consume the food from that part of the world.

The commentary from the National Black Farmers Association only speaks about blacks suffering financially. Folks from all the nationalities and walks of life are suffering lifestyle changes. All the laborers livelihoods and way of life has been destroyed. This is not about race nor skin color. It is about folks survival and at the end of the day whenever an area is hit with devastation and resources are extremely low…folks start pointing fingers.  You ever notice how ethnicity groups start the blame and race game? What an insult to all of the folks struggling on the gulf…from the BP oil spill. What about the actual injustices from the BP oil spill that hit the gulf more than 80 days ago to the families who live in the Gulf?  Folks and wildlife are suffering. Financial woes are occurring there to all people during this recession, the oil spill just took shit up another notch. This is an natural disaster, horrific and bigger than anything the United States has ever had to deal with during my lifetime…Exxon don’t have nothing on the BP boys. We are quick to point the finger and blame while folks are suffering. The folks pointing fingers need to come up with a solution that would resolve the oil spill from leaking in the Gulf instead of hating on the president and the government. They did not cause the oil spill…BP did it and we need to constantly remind them. This mess need to be cleaned up and the folks livelihoods put back on course…

John W. Boyd, Jr., founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association, says he has serious concerns about about the lack of attention to wage loss among African-American workers because of the oil spill. He has requested a meeting with BP to discuss the damages. Host Michel Martin speaks with Boyd his plans to address the needs of black farmers in the Gulf.

High seas Thursday delayed oil containment efforts in the Gulf of Mexico, as BP mulled a U.S. letter for advance warning of any big financial deals that could affect its ability to pay for the spill. BP sticks to its August target to complete a relief well. Meanwhile, a federal judge is expected to rule quickly on whether to allow deepwater drilling. The BP oil spill could take a major toll on the Gulf Coast’s wildlife, say marine scientists. We’re already seeing some evidence of die-offs (PDF) among marine mammals, birds, and sea turtles. Are there any species that might actually benefit from the disaster?

It gets worst:

Images BP Doesn’t Want You To See:

As a writer and photographer covering the oil spill in the Gulf, I’ve been frustrated by the well-documented efforts by BP and the U.S. Government to limit media access to the damage. The restrictions tightened last week, when the Coast Guard announced rules that prevent the public–including news photographers and reporters–from coming within 20 meters (about 65 feet) of any response vessels or booms on the water or beaches. Violate the “safety zone” rule and you can be slapped with a $40,000 fine and prosecuted under a Class D felony.

main whale 13 Digital Photo of the Day | Images BP Doesnt Want You To See The Encroaching Sludge WHALE OF A BOAT: Stormy weather delayed plans to deploy a Taiwanese mega-skimmer, a “whale,” which could dramatically increase the amount of crude that clean-up crews can scoop from the ocean surface. The supertanker is longer then three soccer fields and as high as a 10-story building. (Photo: Judi Bottoni/AP)
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