Digital Photo of the Day | Helen Mirren

“I’m still the good girl who wants to be a bad girl…”

Photographs by Juergen Teller. Hair and Makeup by Neil Young/Carol Hayes Management.

Look at Ms. Mirren baring it all for the world to see…very cool to see the golden girl letting it all hang out.

“All that getting sanctioned by authority, settling down and doing the right things—well, I can’t say it appeals much,” Helen Mirren once said to a reporter. “What I really fancy is getting a bit notorious … ”

It was 1974, and she was a 29-year-old actress teasing the journalist much as she would the press and audiences for the next 36 years. Mirren was then a rising star at the Royal Shakespeare Company—luridly dubbed “Stratford’s very own sex queen” by one paper. It was long before the authorities sanctioned her with a pile of awards (including an Oscar for The Queen), and before the Internet made her a viral phenom thanks to bodacious paparazzi shots of her cavorting in a bikini. At the age of 62. And guess what? She had it both ways: She got her notoriety and the fusty accolades. More

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