Digital Photo of the Day | Do We Eat The Tips of the Green Onion

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Photo: Delores Randall Husband In The Kitchen Cutting Green Onions Canon 50D

I should be titling this digital picture of the day as “Who Is That Man In My Kitchen.”

This morning when I woke up I was thinking about what I will chose as my digital pic of the day. The image of my husband asking me do we eat this too? He is wearing that questionable look….like what the heck is this, it don’t look like the rest of the green onion. Do we eat this too? Most men don’t hang out in the kitchen they provide, some don’t even know were you store the utensils and would prefer to stay out of the kitchen. Every once in a while a husband will saunter in the kitchen and hang out with their partner…..setting us up for a night and a happy partner. You see we women need that but really if I had to be truthful….just pay the mortgage and we straight…LOL! But after we get an opportunity to hangout in the kitchen once a year with our partners, I am singing: I’ll wash your clothes, fix a dinner for two or ten and clean our house. Oh, is that just me?

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I chuckled at the thought of using this digital image as my digital photo of the day this morning but I am very grateful that he was willing to lend a hand in the kitchen. Thank goodness for men, husbands and partners who are willing to hang out in the kitchen occasionally and at least try to be of assistance! A good partner is hard to find and nowadays according to show “Why it is hard for Black Women to Find a Husband,” I am thankful for my stallion of a black man and that he is the head of my house!

Usher ft Nicki Minaj – Lil Freak

This digital image made me think about exposing pictures properly. Letting the right amount of light into my digital camera and understanding that it requires three is easy to shoot with the automatic setting on your digital camera but taking pictures in the manual setting can produce very interesting pictures.

I am currently teaching myself about exposure, sensor and manual settings. These three basic things are involve in understanding it:

1.) How the shutter speed and the aperture (the size of the lens opening) work together to control the amount of light that reaches the light sensitive surface in the camera.

2.) The ISO rating of your film (its speed) or the sensitivity of the sensitivity of the sensor in your digital camera.

3.) How to meter the amount of light and then set the camera’s control, either automatically or manually.

I was tickering with my Canon EOS 50D this weekend when I snap this digital image of my husband hanging out in our kitchen. He made the Alfredo Linguine dish for dinner this Sunday while I ran around our crib using it as a canvas for my digital images. Dinner was delicious! The manual setting for the digital image ISO 640, aperture 160 with flash. No Photoshop manipulation needed! I resisted the urge to run the digital image through several plugin I use in Photoshop for creativity…..LucisArt being my favorite plugin for Photoshop and OnOne has a variety of plugins to make a digital image pop off the page.

I was amazed at the setting that one can set with the camera gear. Oh yeah….sometimes time prevent one from knowing what all those dialed button’s mean on the camera. A lot of times you pick up your camera and you learn as you go but every once in a while you have to sit down and master your craft….mine being a wife, photographer, pseudo blogger, mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, friend, cyberspace friend and lord knows what else, there is a manual for photography but the rest of the stuff I am attempting to master is by trial and error.

According to the photography experts: An exposure meter is the essential tool required for a good exposure- that remains to be seen in my book, once you learn how to set your camera exposure, who needs that tool. According to some experts if you take a good picture that will shorten your post processing time in Photoshop. I am just saying but there are some good meters on the market.

How you use a meter depends on the type of scene you are photographing-well I guess I am working on that right now because what I am shooting does not require a meter.

Film and digital imaging depend on very different systems to make photographs, but there are many similarities- they got that right because digital imaging changed the photography game. Besides I was tire of looking at undeveloped film piling up in my drawer, plus the cost to develop the film was kicking my pocket in the butt!

Simplicity is a key element-YUP! Very true, I learned many years ago from an sport photographer to use the “KISS” method, kept it simple stupid!

According to the photography experts: To get a rich image with realistic tones, bright, highlights, you need to start with a correct exposure. You need to set the shutter speed and aperture so they let the right amount of light to strike your film or digital sensor. And how do you know the right amount of light? Your camera can probably decide for you, but educated judgement is better. You can make great photographs using digital camera or film but experience will be your best teacher.

In another words: Pick up your camera and shoot whatever is in your path until the next paying gig comes along. Practice makes perfect!

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