Digital Photo of the Day | Alfredo Linguine for Dinner

0000012839cb13169957d552007f000000000001.Dinner%20Plate Digital Photo of the Day | Alfredo Linguine for DinnerIt has been raining all weekend in my neck of the woods and coming up with a quick dish was on our mind. We had most of the ingredients to prepare a dish with linguine and shrimp in under 30 minutes. This dish is extremely easy to make and it yields at least enough for two days. I started to eat my dish before I realize I did not take a picture of the finish dish. Season to taste with pepper.

Boil the water for the Linguine, rinse and use one teaspoon of Olive Oil, put your sauce, seasoning, and ingredients and stir in Alfredo sauce. Of course it does not look fancy like the dishes served at a five star restaurant but it was finger licking good. It is extremely easy to make for a quick Sunday dish and I did not have to turn on my oven either.

Boil or steam your shrimp. Serve on the side or stir in with the pasta. We preferred to eat our on the side because we did not want to peel the scrimp.

Chop up the green onions, tomatoes, etc. I had a can of dice tomatoes but you can use fresh tomatoes.

Broccoli or Spinach as a vegetable to serve with your dish

Optional: Use boneless chicken, turkey or seafood, etc.

Serve the dish to your family. The cleanup is simple and I prefer to clean as I cook. Remaining food put in a Ziploc baggie and refrigerate. I use one box of linguine and two 15oz  jars of Alfredo sauce with 1 pound of shrimp. Serving size 8.

Photo: Delores Randall Canon EOS 50D

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