Digital Photo of the Day | African Vogue v. Transgender Model Pictorials

I AM FUCKING OFFENDED! I normally see beauty in all folks but Vogue doesn’t see it the same way I do…being born a darker skinned American women I would have an opinion on this matter out the gate. Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya started snapping digital images of beautiful women to campaign to make Vogue Africa a reality and Mario Epanya has been creating fictional Vogue Africa magazine covers in a campaign to get publisher Conde Nast to license an actual magazine. Unfortunately Conde Nast has turned down the bid for the magazine. Oh really!

In order to get publisher Conde Nast to see the potential in the magazine–that would pay homage to African women–he created fictional covers, featuring gorgeous images, but it looks like it wasn’t enough……however Vogue Paris ran with what may become an controversial editorial of all time and jump on the gay bandwagon. Check out this digital image of transgendered model Miss Lea in their August issue. I am talking about all of the genitalia and tits that your eyes can endure type of image that most folks will not to get to glimpse at unless they are bedding a transgendered women. Now I don’t have any issues with the editorial staff making the decision to run with the pictorials but one must question why they refuse to run with gorgeous African women in their African Vogue issue?

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I found this digital image over at Better Days Radio when I went over to check on the kids BDR show.

I am fucking offended for a number of reasons at Vogue’s decision.:

The Vogue staff would not run an editorial of beautiful chocolate women but they put a transgendered women in their magazine to appease who I wonder? The Gay kids? The transgenders community? Hell, there are more sista’s girls who will glance through the glossy pages and buy Vogue’s fucking magazine despite their lack of coverage of gorgeous black women and most minority women just for the fucking record. Oh yeah, they place a black women from the jungle, place a black women with a weave, or a black women who clearly looks like she needs moisturizer in her hair and walk around looking like a skeleton in their magazine but not once do Vogue ever consider what real black women think of what the magazine is conveying or what the magazine is selling to the minority audience? Check this out…I have been reading Vogue since I was 16 years old…I am now 45 years old! I have been ooohing and aaahing since than. YUP! Despite Vogue’s coverage of women I can not fucking relate to or identify with as a black women. I turn the page anyway and thought about the feel of the the fabric and how many coins I needed to buy the makeup it suggested. In regardless of the fact the makeup was not actually created for my fucking darker skin…oh yeah. Vogue was the voice to me and had the handle on everything avant garde. Now what the fuck am I suppose to do with an image of a trans-gender women? Especially after I read in cyberspace about the denouncement of an “African” vogue. Egg in my face..I get it! But guess what? I just broke up with those over the top,over dressed dolls in New York who are obviously dressing women and kids that I can’t fucking relate too in my small thinking world. But I am suppose to continue buying Vogue….GTFOH!



Vogue Paris had the audacity to placed a transgendered women in the pictorial after denying the pictorials of an African model? WTF! What sort of response did Vogue Paris expect to receive? Publicity? Backlash and an opinionated comments from bloggers who are not mainstream? I say sista girls boycott the bitches and break up with them. Don’t buy Vogue until the magazine recognize that an diverse audience exist that include African American, minority and women from around the globe in their pictorials. WTF! Are they thinking at the top….Ann Wintour, I am stunned, surprised and flabbergasted at this move….ole girl must be ruled by some old and outdated standards that don’t apply to the sista’s and minority women but Wintour will extend it to the kids for the purpose of exploitation? Magazine must be in a slump? Got to get folks attention some kind of way…let’s place a transgenders girl in the magazine and hope that it will sell magazines. Uh huh!


I Ain’t Mad At Ya

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