The Diamond Cupcake

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Brides to be around the world are preparing their upcoming wedding day by ordering fancy cakes, gowns and reception halls. The cupcake is topped with 8 ideal cut round brilliant diamonds around its circumference, and a 2 carat Asscher cut diamond in the center. The price tag on the diamond is $30,000. I can’t imaging a working girl spending her money on a cupcake with diamonds for $30K. Mervis diamonds created this cupcake that will need a fleet of security guards on the wedding day to make sure no one pocket it. If your really going for it add the diamond champagne bottle to give your guest something to really talk about after your wedding day is over and the bill come due.  Only one bottle of the exclusive champagne is available, someone with deep pockets was already bought by Russian, Arabian and Chinese billionaires. Per Bottle Price: $2.75 million. Before you say your vows watch “Before You Do.”

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