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I have not had the chance to master Adobe CS5 but I am working on it in between keeping up with my daily grind and family life. Hopefully these Adobe CS5 Photoshop tips and tricks will make your more efficient and assist in mastering CS5 faster. I heart Adobe CS5 but it is an extremely huge application to master but within due time I will be churning out Photoshop digital images and so can you. I learned by reading and than implementing…….

  • Noise Reduction to soften skin – You can use Luminance and minimize Luminance Detail to make your image look like a painting and soften skin.
  • HDR Pro – File>Automate. Bracket three to five exposures when shooting; stabilize; and use Av (Aperture Priority) or Manual Mode to fix aperture.
  • Sharpen - is more powerful than CS4 Dodge and Burn, and Sponge tools. Select Protect Details and the Tablet Pressure options in the Options Bar.
  • Painting Photographs just got really interesting with the new Mixer Brush tool nested with the Brush Tool (B). Select the Painting Workspace Window>Workspace>Painting and the Mixer Brush tool. Open a photo and start painting to your heart content by converting the photos into painting. You can control the brush and fluid dynamics and mix pixels and to change load, flow, etc., your photo will be preserved while painting…
  • Removing Lines – is one of those things I hated to in previous versions..that has all changed with CS5 Content Aware Spot Healing. Use the Pen tool (P), add a path to the line; choose the Spot Healing Brush (J) with Content-Aware selected in the Options Bar; change the brush size to two sizes the width of the wire; and in the Paths panel Window>Path, select the path and click the Stroke Path with Brush icon.
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