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Yesterday I started my list of tip and tricks and decided it is time to master Adobe CS5 Photoshop by self studying any material currently available on the market. I will share the test digital images at a later date…right now I am reading a lot of material that have my mouth in the WOW position. I concurrently run Adobe CS3 Photoshop until I can get up to speed with CS5 and Adobe Photoshop plugins become readily available for the application plus my pocketbook. In the meantime…I am force to learn how to use all the settings in Adobe CS5 Photoshop opposed to simply relying on Adobe Photoshop plugins. There are some really cool Adobe Photoshop plugins and my favorite plugins to use in Adobe CS3 Photoshop are OnOne and LucisArt 2 to date. Personally I never saw a reason to get into Adobe CS4 Photoshop but that’s just me.

hqdefault  CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks Selecting Hair – Make a selection with the Quick Selection tool (W); Option-click (PC: Alt-click) to remove unwanted areas; then continue to select>Refine Edge. Using Black and White (K) from the View menu, choose a 10-15 pixel Radius, enable the Smart Radius checkbox, and your done. Use the Option-click (PC: Alt-click) method with the new Refine Raduis tool (E) located in the Refine Edge dialog to refine the final mask.

64 Bit – Photoshop is now running in native 64 bit on both MAC and Windows. Photoshop can now run hundreds of gigs of RAM instead of 4 GB of RAM. If your plugins have not been updated you can run Photoshop in 32-bit. This is not really an issue but upon the release of CS5 most of the plugins were not updated to run with the application…they are still slowly rolling out.

Camera Raw 6 is the ability to add grain to add to an digital image, hide blemishes and emulate film. It also allows if to functions between images of varied ISO or film speed. Now you can combine a day and night image together by adding grain – the image is editable and non destructive when used as smart objects.

Photoshop CS5 Extended 3D

3D Creation from the 3D Panel - In Photoshop extended, it is easy to start with 3D creation from the 3D panel (Window>3D) Use Repousse on text layers, mask, selections, or paths to extrude them to real 3D geometries. Take layers and wrap them around 3D shapes and even open 3D models from third-party content providers directly as a Photoshop 3D layer.

3D Overlays – When any of the 3D tools are active you can turn on 3D overlays from the bottom of the 3D panel to view with the 3D Axis, the widget for manipulating meshes, lights, and cameras, light widgets, material and mesh bounding boxes, and a ground plane. Go to Photoshop (PC: Edit) >Preferences>3D to change overlay settings. To use the 3D Axis for meshes, lights, or cameras, select the right tool to invoke the 3D Axis for that property. Ex. Select one of the 3D Light tools in the 3D (Lights) panel and click on a light widget, the 3D Axis will now rotate and move the selected light.

Adobe CS5 Repousse dialog  CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks

Ground Shadows for 3D – Turn on ground shadows for 3D objects using 3D>Ground Plane Shadow Catcher. In the 3D (Scene) panel, set the Quality drop-down menu to Ray Trace (Draft or Final) to start the render and actually see the shadow. In the 3D (Lights) panel, turn shadows on or off for individual lights using the Create Shadows checkbox, and then adjust the Softness. In the 3D (Mesh) panel, you can adjust the shadow Opacity. Choose Snap Object to Ground Plane from the 3D panel’s flyout menu if necessary to see the shadow.

Depth of field for 3D – Create a depth of field effect on your 3D object with the 3D Zoom Camera tool (nested with the 3D Rotate Camera tool (N). Option-click (PC: Alt-click) (PC : Alt-click) the area where you want to set the distance or focal plane of focus. You can manually set the Blur and Distance parameters in the Options Bar. The Blur button is set to 0 by default, you will need to increase the value to see the effect.

Free 3D ContentDownload free models and material directly from Photoshop CS5 Extended! Explore the landing page for 3D content from 3D>Browse 3D content providers, additional 3D materials to download, and information on great 3D resources.

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