CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks II

hqdefault CS5 | Photoshop Extended 3D Tips and Tricks IIPunch Out Holes – In the Repousse’ dialog you can manipulate the constraint using any of the Internal Constraints tools to either punch it out to make a hole or add separate extrusion parameters. You can add constraints to an existing Repousse’ object by drawing a selection or path and choosing either 3D>Repousse’>Create Constraints from Selection(s) or Selected Path(s). You can use the Add (Selection) or Add (Path) buttons in the Internal Constraints section of the Repousse’ dialog.

Material Drop Tool – Option-click (PC: Alt-click) a material to load it and then click anywhere to drop it to another part of your model, another 3D mesh or 3D layer. Use the 3D Select Material tool to help target the right materials as indicated by the material picket thumbnail in the 3D panel.

Progressive Rendering – to pause your rendering by pressing the space-bar and to resume, select the Resume Progressive Render command from the 3D panel’s fly-out menu. When the rendering is complete, you’ll no longer see the blue tiles getting drawn.

Test Rendering – to quickly render a selected part of your 3D object to save time and check for specific lighting effects. Make a selection on the area you want to render and go to 3D>Progressive Render Selection.

Target Lights – position lights in Photoshop CS5 Extended by using a keyboard shortcut. With a 3D Light tool active, select the light widget that you want to reposition, and then Option-click (PC: Alt-click) on the 3D object to select the new target of the light.

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