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Everyone may not have access to Adobe Acrobat Professional to create PDF documents nor the money purchase it right now in this deadbeat economy. As some of us pull out the old resumes and dust it off, you’ll need to be able to turn it into a PDF file to insert in email before sending it to potential employers. That way no one can change your document. It is an excellent tool for photographers to PDF their digital images before sending it out to potential customers. You can create PDF documents for free by downloading the Pdf995 Suite (Pdf995, PdfEdit and Signature995) allows you access to numerous advanced PDF creation features for FREE.

Those without access to Microsoft Office can use Google Docs to turn into PDF documents. In an economy like today we all need to be resourceful and informed. Excused are like assholes, everyone got one. We all have to be creative and keep our head up! No matter what…lets hope for the best. This is Free Online Software and great for creating documents.

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