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If there was such an award called the “Teflon Women” Sandra Bullock would be the grand prize winner along with a slew of dolls as runner up. Sandra has moved on from the cheating spouse and scanky women who bed her husband behind her back in her crib. She deserves a huge standing ovation for championing and moving on with as much grace that any women could due to her cheating spouse, Jesse James who opened up a closet full of skeletons that needed to come tumbling out for her well being and safety. I am sure Sandra would have preferred to go quickly and quietly into the night, but some ish is worth learning about your partner. People are talking about what Sandra has been up to lately. I must say it is really nice to see her smiling and gracing the cover with her newborn son she has adopted….go ahead Sandra and do you girl!

211257445 101786cf30 Cover of the Day | Sandra Bullock Meet My BabyI am proud Sandra did not open a can of whoop ass on that trash of a husband who sat in the audience while she received her first Oscar smiling but deep down inside he knew he had betrayed her……asshole get the stepping because Sandra has and important agenda and is focusing her attention on a baby who will give her unconditional love. Something Jesse James was suppose to do but he screwed that up! She has proven why she is an excellent role model to follow when your spouse cheats on…..she moved on and kept it moving to greener pastures. Much better than I would have done, the police would have been called and I would have been chasing my husband out the house like Elin  did to Tiger….rage would have been my friend and he would have been calling Jesus! Oh well, maybe that is why I am not a role model to follow…imma just saying, I would have had a moment and an opportunity to appear on a segment called Women who Snapped!

Jesse James lost and her gain! She may have been blindsided for a minute but it looks like ole’ girl has regained her footing….we welcome you back Sandra Bullock! No need to hide….let them hide because they are going to need a closet to hide from the backlash that let out of their own closets. The scanks will always be known as the home-wreckers, Jesse James will wear a scarlet letter and you will be the women we will remember who remain calm and graceful through all that drama they thought they were bringing to your door.

As for those trolls attempting to apologize to Sandra…..keep ignoring those gutter scanks! There 15 minutes is about to be up by the time I finish this blog post. Keep doing you, Sandra…..don’t respond to those gutter rat skanky women!

000202C4 Cover of the Day | Sandra Bullock Meet My BabyThe news outlets who give these trolls any shine should get the snotty nose treatment when Sandra gets her footing for real. Hell with that, why would they entertain this shit….entertainment or ratings? Keep it moving skanks! Yup! Her husband may have had an affair that pour out shocking shit out of their marital closet but OH WELL, shit happens but at the end of the day….it did not kill her nor does it affect her ability to give love unless she allows it to.

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