Cover of the Day | Jada Pinkett Smith Get Naked

Jada on the cover Cover of the Day | Jada Pinkett Smith Get Naked

I don’t want to be Jada Pinkett Smith but I listen to and read her take about skincare, hair and family life….she is on top of her skin care regimen and holding it down in her hood. She a sista from Baltimore, Maryland….it is a daring move on her part to get on the cover of a magazine naked. Jada is obviously a women comfortable in her own skin……now I need to go slather some oil on my body and stand in the mirror to emulate this pose.

jada 2 Cover of the Day | Jada Pinkett Smith Get NakedAs quiet as it is kept….this race thing between black women and non black women should end. No matter how much bantering and conversations the media have about the war about color…you never can change your skin color..PERIOD!  All women should embrace themselves and be  comfortable in their own skin. As dark skinned as I am…if I was not careful and avoided the dark conversations from folks within my own community, on the radio and magazines; I would be a wreck. Thank goodness for folks who I have surrounded myself with…..who are all beautiful people. I can honestly say I never had the opportunity to get caught up in the negative stereotypes about being black and the banter about being a black women. Now what folks say behind my back….who cares! Imagine the white women who skin is soo pale that it burns when she goes outside….that can’t be good but ain’t nobody having those conversations…uh huh! Embrace your race and inner beauty….looks fade over time!

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  • Tina Thompson

    Jada’s perfect complexion comes from her diet! She revealed this in her
    Redbook interview. Her philosophy on food is not eating for pleasure,
    but to use food as fuel, and her food choices are extremely strict, consisting of superfoods. Also, how are you going to say that race issues between black and non-black women should end, yet contradict your own words by bantering about white women and how their skin is “soo pale that it burns when they go outside.” Are you kidding me? You claim to hate stereotypes and racism and people’s preoccupation about skin tone, yet you’re the one promoting it with your own ignorant attitude. You’re a hypocrite and the worst part is, you don’t even realize it.

    • thephotographer4you

      That is your opinion…and this is mine. I am sticking to it! Kudos to Jada for her superfood diet. Matter of fact more folks should take superfood supplements and not rely on plastic surgery. Am I suppose to be offend by your comment? Are you kidding me…I’ll be ignorant and whatever I want to be on my blog. You did not have to leave a comment for my ignorant post either…