Cover of the Day | Charlie’s Angel Make $5000-$15,000 A Day

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With recession and unemployment at an all time high. When young girls read the article in the New York Post they may give up their job searching on websites like Careerbuilder, Craigslist, Google, Monster and any job board on the Internet to get paid for parading around in a hotel lobby wearing Chanel six inches come get her heels with the hopes of snatching a (idiot) man or women with disposable cash to spend on sex. Why work a regular job when all you have to do is lay on your back for several thousand of dollars is what some young girls will be thinking…..look at what it did for Kim Kardasion and Paris Hilton! Sort of makes me ponder about all of those other websites with pseudo celebrity starlets walking around with overprices handbags, the latest fashion accessories and clothing that could pay some of our mortgages and car notes for a couple of months. There are countless digital images insert in blog post in cyberspace of starlets coming out of revolving hotel door emulating the high life? #Justsaying After all most of the starlets are coming out of hotel revolving doors just like the Charlie Angel hooker who ran and locked herself in a bathroom.  What are the starlets really doing  to maintain that elite lifestyle besides being on a reality show, modeling, acting or whatever? Does reality television pay that much? The New York Post is about blow the lid off of the hooker secrets by investigating the sex racket. At least that is what they want us to believe or does it have something to do with Charlie Sheen messy hotel hooker hookup? Won’t be the first time Charlie Sheen got caught out there purchasing tail…Google Heidi Fleiss.

“Regular girls go for $500 an hour,” said the former madam. “We booked porn stars for $2,000 to $3,500 an hour.”

A rep from DD Management Group, the top agency representing porn actresses, says most “high-priced escorts are usually also porn stars, models, or actresses working UTR – under the radar.

“The girls come from L.A., Miami, London, Chicago or other parts of New York and they may do a three-day ‘tour’ in Manhattan, seeing anywhere from one to six guys in one day.

“They can pull in anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 a day.”

Insiders were skeptical Sheen “stiffed” Anderson for $12,000. “The first thing they do is take an imprint of the credit card,” one pro said.

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Charlie Angel Cover of the Day | Charlies Angel Make $5000 $15,000 A Day

Prior to his drunken rage.: New photos from TMZ show Sheen, 45, letting loose at a table covered with glasses of wine and cocktails. The website confirms that the actor splurged on two bottles of Grand Vin de Chateau Latour 1959 — which cost $5900 per bottle.

Here is the next role model that young girls everywhere will claim they want to emulate sitting on the cover of “The New York Post” with a very suggestive look that we are sure to be watching on a television screen in our living rooms. She plan on riding this publicity train at less until Charlie Sheen pays her off. There is more to this story I am sure we will be reading on blog websites….I am bored already!

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