Coco “Bootylicious” Assets


Ice-T is married to swimsuit model Nicole “Coco Marie” Austin. “Coco the Blonde beauty, -digital-girl- shows off her set of “Bootylicious” assets of her befitting a hoochie momma man’s dream. Ganked this photo from one of my favorite entertainment celebrity blogs called “Bossip” titled “Black Men have a Dream” more of Coco’s “Bootylicious”Assets for your viewing pleasure. I can’t say that I am mad at a chick for capitalizing on her asset that help pay the bills legally. Some of us women find our calling early on in life and while some women are still searching for that 15 minutes of fame. She happens to married to a very open minded man who loved to parade his beautiful wife in full view for all men and women viewing pleasure. Oh yeah, she didn’t use the trick of pregnancy to get her man either. Coco has magazines, her own website, promotion opportunities and had a role on Law and Order which is my favorite show opposite of her rapper and actor husband, Ice Tea. I sure in her near future is a book that a lot of women will purchase to learn her secrets to a long marriage with a successful and establish celebrity businessman. The high resolution digital images are well done too! F what you heard, “Coco” is HAWT!

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