Does Ciara Bring The Magic?

I was looking at this video and thought it has a nice sway your body dance beat. Its HOT! Ciara‘s body is tight and Justin add a little swirl to it. You notice all of the singing starlets are wearing a bathing suit on stage during video and when singing on tour. You see everyone doing it from Madonna, Rihanna,  Britney, Beyonce and Ciara. Who started it first? Rihanna or Madonna? I think Rihanna brings it much sexier than Madonna. If you remember Madonna just threw on a bathing suit with shorts. I could be wrong?

Now there are those on the Internet street that say that Ciara is acting submissive with Justin and that is not a good look for her. There are those who feel that objectify black women? Word on the street is that Ciara is swagger jacking Beyonce’s style and her fashion looks. What do you say is going on between these two besides serving up music? Ciara really tries hard and she constantly is being beat down for her style, music selections and fashion choices. One thing is for sure….she is working!

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