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Derek Blanks, Roy Cox, Council Magazine, Dave Hill and Annie Leibovitz; just to name a few celebrity photographers that digital photography images that speaks for itself and motivates me to strive to become an professional in my own right. I am always struck with that WOW effect when looking at their digital photography and their words of advice to upcoming photographers. What they all have in common is their own individual style, uniqueness, they don’t work for free unless they want to and a different variety of images that is very artistically appealing to the naked eye. It would be nice if Derek Blanks photographed First Lady Michelle Obama and worked his photography and creative magic. That would be an interesting photo-shoot to grace the magazines. These images were yanked from theytf.

These words are from Roy Cox Model Mayhem page spoken like a professional.


Roy Cox is a professional full-time photographer, not a serious hobbyist. Serious contacts and inquires through website only please. Roy pays his models for his personal editorial projects and does not expect you to work for free. If you are a professional model then you should get paid for your time and talent. He does not expect you to be free, so please do not expect him to be. Roy loves to collaborate with talented artists and models on occasion, but in the near future this industry will only become a high – end hobby. There are definitely those times where an unpaid collaboration is justified, but if you are an industry professional then you should be charging for what you are worth. We are trying to protect the industry that we make our living in and help to keep this field alive and lucrative for future artists (wardrobe stylists, hair and makeup artists & photographers, etc.) and models. We strive to keep our industry alive and to not devalue our profession. Thank you for your time and understanding. Roy Cox Photography – The GreenHouse

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