Chef Dee Day 4 Final Preparations

It is winding down in my kitchen and I am almost down for the count……a little fixings left to prepare before the ham and the bird hits the oven on Thursday. That’s the main event….lord knows I hope my bird don’t end up all dry and to the point that would make people roll their eyes behind my back…..I hope she is juicy and ready for the  gravy when she comes out of the oven.

Oh yeah baby…..whose your mamma now? I prepping for some clinking, eating, laughing and an expression of thankful otherwise I would have to run some folks out of our crib… drama allowed! Period…anyway! I am slowly about to zone out from blogging and life for a day….what about you. Give thanks and be extremely thankful because if your reading this blog….it really could have went the other way this holiday season. Always give thanks for the simple things in life because at the end of the day that is all that matters

Talk about a Thanksgiving feast and jovial time up in the Randall crib….well we about to do the damn thing without any guilt except for gas, gut filling good food and positive energy flowing through the crib……no haters or negative energy allowed to enter the premise please. We are excited…..what about you. Thanksgiving is like the best holiday of them all….no gifts exchange, no superficial bs at all, just good old fashion thanks for whatever your thankful for this holiday season. I can smell the turkey already…..chef mama dee in the Randall crib!

 Chef Dee Day 4 Final Preparations
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