Chef Dee Day 3 in the Afternoon

I have been up since 3:00 AM……of course I wanted to talk and he wanted to be his loving self….something I should have been thankful for this morning but in my mind all he wanted to do was the do sexy in my mind. As women we think all men want to do is get it popping but that was not the case in my hubby mind….he wanted a simple hug but I missed that opportunity because I had collards greens on the brain. At first I was speaking with my hubby who was half awake and wondering who the hell was the strange women laying next to me… know how we get all strange and we think they are suppose to know are we being hilda, linda or sexy girl at the moment. He thought and spoke out loud……don’t you have something to do and that was my que to get up and keep it moving towards the kitchen. Of course I wanted to get all deep and ish about our marital and sex life, especially after reading that fantastic and revealing article about Steve and Marge Harvey in this months Essence. He gives me something to strive toward in my own family. Steve Harvey is a very private person and for him to reveal a little bit of his world is unbelievable…..I was pleasantly surprise to read the feature article. A very good look for him….being married must be an excellent thing for him and his walk with God ain’t too shabby either. Back to my pillow talk that was going down in the Randall bedroom…. Of course as women we never think the man is perfect but deep down inside you know damn well… are thankful for that fine specimen of man laying next to you, aging body and bulging stomach, burping and gas passing man who don’t help with household chores as much you want him to, of course that statement is meant for dolls who don’t have an housekeeper. I had one a very long time ago and it was aiiiiiright for a minute…however, that’s another blog post for you at home dolls and divos…..I got it already…surely meant for those with disposable cash…OK! Pssst… quiet as it is kept around these part the hubby is holding it down for real though….anyway! Yeah he might have a bulging belly, snore really loud but you do too….you just don’t believe it when he tells you because we women are perfect helpmates to our men……lol! If I drink enough bubbly I will think I am Yolanda Adams or Cher…..really lol! Oh no they didn’t just play someone prayed for me from the “Color of Purple”…..that’s my gospel jam. Hot dog…..I am doing something up in this kitchen now…..I am going back to the woods and going back to church all by myself! Some of us need to turn on the spirituals to simply to get a tear drop….just a random thought!

This afternoon my kitchen is funky with the smell of chitterlings cooking on the stove…..for us down home folks who have to have that you know pork guts stink up a crib….intestines smothered with hot sauce. I know they stink and smell but damn I have to eat a little morsel of the guts of a pig. Chitterlings cook down to nothing too…..oh well! You would think after cooking 10 pounds of chitterlings that you would have a pot full…..oh no that is not the case. Besides you only need a morsel of the belly of the pig… about a spike in your blood pressure and hypertension knocking at your door from your arteries getting clogged….not good if your a lackadaisical creature.

This afternoon by his grace I am able to listen to some praise on Sirius radio… know the Jamie Foxx on Foxxhole and the Da-doo Dirty show can get extremely raw and real with it for some of you folks ears. I hope those guys who provide uncensored radio are enjoying the holidays too…..old shows and all.

My macaroni is in the oven and my automatic floor cleaner is chilling as he waits for me to drop something…..dang must be going through his angelic dog head because I love to clean as I cook……I can’t stand a dirty kitchen. Clean as you go because it is a beast to clean after you had your Martha Stewart, Rachael Roy and Big Mamma moment wrapped up in one with goose or bubbly  in the background and dancing in the background when your jam comes on….rock on baby!

I have had a few mishaps this morning…..I totally forgot to put the butter in the sweet potato recipe, image my surprise when I open the microwave and discovered that mishap….oh well! Hopefully it will go over as plan otherwise the family can put their own butter on the pie. The chitterlings are about to run me out of my own kitchen… much for a love affair with my kitchen.

A few things I am learning this year is that if you forgot something…look in your cabinets and use what you already have, you would be surprise to learn you’re already well stock for most of the recipes on my menu. Measurement gets old after a while and you start putting in a little extra of this or that….shredded is bullshit language for paying more…..half and half is still milk or evaporate milk…..cornbread is Jiffy…….cooking is boring and you must find something to do while your waiting for food to finish cooking……your kid can stress you out and make you forget to put the butter in the sweet potato pie recipe but you still love him because you were doing your job anyway and kids really don’t care if your planning a gala, soiree or extravaganza…..they still do them and we love them…..your human……no matter how bad life is your still here….remember when Whoopi Goldberg said that in the “Color Purple” to dude who was her husband……I am still here and at the end of the day….remember her husband, he was quite the character and lord knows I would have left him when the women showed up at the door talking about she staying…..jeez

Life goes on after Thanksgiving…..therefore stop periodically to give thanks for all of your blessing whether your feeding the homeless, jobless, single, married, childless, with children, with an asshole, caught up in what is going on in the current state of affair in the world. Your still here and shit happens……be thankful for at least that…..give thanks and pray for change. Hell… thing I have learn is prayer changes things when all else fails. Now off to make the mash potatoes and stuffing…..I am beginning to wonder what am going to do to my hair? A black girl got some ish to worry about and I asked my husband how he would feel about me shaving my hair off???? I know that is a random thought but a sista is tired of doing and keeping her hair did….if Amber Rose can walk around a strutting with a bald head, why can’t I?

Random thought for real: I am listening to praise and I wonder what happen with my own spiritual walk……greater is he that is in me than of this world. I constantly preach that to my husband but often time I wonder what the heck happen with my own spiritual walk and relationship with God? I was at my best when I gave God the…….? I find myself bowing down this afternoon giving the God all the praise and glory for his grace. What about you…….Jesus is love no matter what your suitation. Jesus is love and your suitation can be very deep if your reading this….hell if your reading my blog your suitation is not that deep. At least your connected to cyberspace….think about the homeless and those who don’t have access to a COMPUTER. OK…..enjoy the holidays and think about that stuff after Thanksgiving. It will still be there but you are enpower to get up everyday if your able body to make a difference in your life. It may not be as fast as you want it to be but do persevere… have no were to go but UP! Thank goodness it stop raining…….laugh a little and dance like no one is watching because your able to… grateful and thankful this Thanksgiving. Turn the naysayers away…..that is a start! God can and he will….your life is already pre-ordained, at least that is what I was taught in my biblical and spiritual walk! Stop for a moment and breath….my sister taught me that weeks ago….she just learned it too…..breath because it is a blessing. Remember that when your tripping…..your breath and the air you breathe is a gift! What and who do you give thanks to this Thanksgiving season 2009?

 Chef Dee Day 3 in the Afternoon
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