No Celebrity $$$ For Perez

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It appears that someone else hit Perez and it doesn’t look like a black fist to me. Someone else had it out for the Queen of all hell broke loose. He wanted to be an celebrity….now he is a celebrity who some folks ain’t feeling. He may need to hire some bodyguards to protect him after this incident. This type of drama is not cute and uncalled for, plus GLAAD is mad at him for using anti-gay slurs. He should have known better, it wasn’t to long ago that he was screaming and yelling about Isaiah Washington and his gay antics on his blog. Is that like calling the kettle black? WTF! Dude is contradicting in his behavior and his walk is lame. He needs to man up and make an public apology like he demands everyone else to do when he is not feeling their drama. Man up or ship out dude is what I say! Enough is enough! Ain’t nobody all that were they get to go around calling folks out their name and then take to a blog accusing them of assault. What gives him the right to walk around calling folks out and he is the biggest basher of them all? I think we have had enough of his ass. Next…..time for his ass to move on until he can come correct. Folks are tired of the negative bashing, the outings and his constant negative blog postings. Like grandma always would say…what makes his mouth a prayer book? His eye doesn’t look like he was hit that bad on his blog when he posted a response video of his own statement. Make your own conclusions based on the images that are slowly being released to the public. After reviewing his video blog post I have to say I don’t believe Perez. Oh well…why would you contact twitter before you contact the police if your in trouble? You are seeking publicity because otherwise why would he post a blog slandering his accuser? What is up with the name calling? I have lost respect for him because his blog postings were bound to piss someone off and it is a shame that someone punched him in the eye. He is lucky that is all that he got because if someone wanted to really beat him up I doubt very serioously if he would be making a blog post about it the next day. Karma is a bitch!

While your at it check out this Lady Gaga video yanked from DrinkTheGlitter. Loves me some Lady Gaga….totally a style of her own.

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