Canon 5D Mark II

[singlepic=22,320,240,,]It took Canon three years to produce the Canon 5D Mark II; this baby is HOT. The Canon EOS 5D Mark II is a must have for proconsumers and myself. It is time for me to upgrade to this beauty which offers a 21.1 mega-pixel censor which is awesome for those who like to shoot large raw files. It comes with HD video capability which I would only use occassionally but that is not what grabs my attention and have my mouth salivating. Canon has beefed up the mega-pixels on their middle range camera which leaves me wondering what surprise do they have in store for the high end camera. Canon has improved the camera’s weather resistance and battery life. The price tag isn’t bad either, $2699.00 and with 24-105 lens $3,499 I am literally drooing over the entire new lineup of Canon cameras. Canon will be shipping the Canon EOS Mark II in November. I got to get one of these for Christmas in my stocking. I am a die hard Canon fan for life!

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