Brutal Mugshot of Women

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According to TMZ: Both Harris and Shlomi were arrested, but prosecutors dropped the case. Which leave me to wonder if there are issues with the young lady status as a hooker? I wonder if they took pictures of dudes tongue which should have been post along side this women mugshot? Is race playing a part in their decision to pursue Chris Brown for beating on his celebrity girlfriend Rihanna. I am surprise with their decision to not pursue the dude who put a serious beat-down on this women. Two black and blue eyes, busted lip and bruises on her body should have warranted some charges of aggravated assault. TMZ must have the ability to get digital mugshot images of folks with a serious quickness. The blog must have the hookup or very deep pockets. In the last several weeks men have been losing their minds. On the rise are alarming number of men beating on women and killing them. Literally, men are really losing it, could it be the bad economy? What would make a man snap and beat down a women like this is beyond understanding. Women better watch the body language of the men they are surrounding themselves with going forward. Better watch your backs out there young ladies. Gone are the days of a victims privacy when women were violated and beat-up by their partner. Back in the day, we did not get to see victims of abuse all beat down in their photographs. Nowadays the Internet has bridge the gap making everything and anything accessible.

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