Brazilian Super Model Gisele Bundchen

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Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen striking very nice poses with 4 hot muscular  African American models. There skin just glistens with oil and their muscles jump off the page…in your face. Photo shoot by Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø

These are very hot digital images….the legs on these guys are absolutely beautiful. Giselle is fierce! Her body is built like a athlete and is flawless. There oughta be a law against being this beautiful. Gisele Bundchen skin is clear and she has that nature beauty that women spend tons of money on plastic surgery and cremes to achieve. Her regime is simple….excercise and love the body your born with. Her nature beauty shines through on magazines covers and pages. This photo shoot done by Solve Sundsbo is breathtaking.

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  • Curious

    On this picture I see four naked black men holding on a white woman who is barely dressed ; what is this picture supposed to illustrate and what is the message behind it ???? Are they trying to promote interracial pornography ??? Please explain those pictures……

    • thephotographer4you

      Good question to ask the folks who did the editorial spread…the folks who did the spread are in a better position to answer the question then I am…I did not photograph the models nor received any compensation.