Book | Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier

book Book | Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier

The hat on the model is the truth! Very clean and the image of the hat is an “Rose”…….I AM INSPIRED! by Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier

This monograph is the definitive guide to the photographic career of one of the most prodigious fashion photographers of our time. From his earliest work at Harper’s Bazaar to his now mythic collaboration with Vogue, Demarchelier has single-handedly redefined the fashion photograph and the fashion industry along with it. His celebrity portraits have shaped the public personae of figures ranging from Princess Diana to Madonna.

Demarchelier is everywhere at once, with a photographic sensibility that is iconic, incisive and as varied as his subject matter. This monograph provides an invaluable fashion reference point, all the while charting the course of our own cultural obsession with celebrity and beauty.

This edition is published to coincide with the exhibition “Patrick Demarchelier: Images et Mode à Paris” at the Petit Palais, Paris, France, from 29 September, 2008 to January 2009. Proceeds from the event and book will go to the charity Police – Action Solidaire, France.

Library ISBN 3865217362

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