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This young lady right here gives updates on fashion, beauty and style from the click of a button from wherever she travels to in the world. WHY VOGUE GONE ROGUE is listed in thephotographer4you blog spotlight? I found the fashion blogger video to be adorable and showed the fashionista is being true to her craft. Oh yeah, the magical word was photographer who does all of her own work…anyone who has a blog know the diligence that it takes and the perseverance to maintain an independent blog in regardless of what anyone tell you. Girl is on her grind and that my dear readers make her blog worth being in the blog spotlight on this blog. I expect to see big things happening for this fashion blogger. Based on her description: Vogue Gone Rogue is a reflection and exploration of her style aesthetic and love of fashion, photography, video and travel. As an active member of the blogging community, she enjoys hosting discussions and blog events in an effort to better know her fellow bloggers. The fashion blogger is listed in the Sunglass Hut contest, above is her video.

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  • kristy eléna

    hi there! i just recently came across this posted and wanted to thank you for featuring me on your blog. that is very kind and i appreciate all the wonderful things you said about me. =)

    have a happy new year.

    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    • thephotographer4you

      Your welcome….