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Carlos Miller story is interesting and he is using his voice to bring awareness to an issue that has been dormant for a long time among photographers…most folks don’t want to address cops, law and legal ramifications all in the same sentence. Getting arrested for photographing cops is a new topic and subject for me….I had no ideal that this is a very real and serious issue amongst photographers. This is why we need model releases from models, make sure we are allowed to photograph in the areas we tote our cameras and stay abreast of our first Amendment rights.

This is the description from his networked blog….click video image for another example of photographer getting arrest or harassed for photographing in the metro station? uh huh!

Miami multimedia journalist Carlos Miller launched Photography is Not a Crime in April 2007 after he was arrested for photographing a group of Miami police officers against their wishes. He was charged with nine misdemeanors and spent 16 hours in the county jail. Miller, a 10-year veteran reporter who has worked for papers as large as The Arizona Republic and as small as the Deming Headlight, originally intended to document his trial with his blog. But as the trial kept getting delayed in the hopes that he would give up the fight, Miller began documenting abuses against other photographers throughout the country. And he discovered that photographers were getting harassed on an almost daily basis by police, security guards and private citizens. Some of these incidents ended in arrest. Most of these incidents ended up in intimidation against the photographer. But each and every one of these incidents ended up as a complete First Amendment violation against the photographer. Over a year’s time, Photography is Not a Crime has become a trusted destination for First Amendment news as it relates to photography, videography and writing. Miller also provides excellent photos, intriguing videos and compelling commentary on political, police and media issues. And he also provides great insight into Miami, his hometown. His blog has been mentioned in the The New York Times, Fox News, The Chicago-Sun Times, The Daily Record (NJ), BoingBoing, The Miami Herald, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Broward New Times and the Miami New Times, who called his blog one of “Miami’s best blogs”. When Miller went to trial last year, he was acquitted of all charges except resisting arrest without violence. Acting as his own lawyer, Miller appealed that decision and that case is currently pending. Meanwhile, Miller continues to express his First Amendment rights on his blog.

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