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With the heatwave sweeping the nation and pumping up unheard temperatures on the east coast…my black ass is staying in the house surfing the internet for tea, juice, gossip, gigs and reading my email. Heck it is not like I need to get any darker although it beats putting on a bronze for even skin tone. The digital images of celebrities sometimes tell a story that words can’t matter how much bullshit is written. Some blogger that write the blog post make me howl at my computer screen, say WTF was he/she thinking when they wore that to the event. The word on the cyberstreet laced with resourceful information perks up my ears like my dog when someone gets to close to the crib perimeters. Bloggers cover everything from Beyonce’ almost killed yesterday, domestic abuse, the latest scoop on Betty White and Barbra Walters return to television. It beats running to my local grocery store purchasing a tabloid magazine that becomes useless after I have read it! If your not a reader and don’t get the whole celebrity hustle…which confuses the hell out of me too. The digital images are at least interesting to look at for fashion, makeup and skin to keep up with what is now in season. It gets really interesting when folks carry their drama into the public eye…uh huh! Mel Gibson baby momma drama splashed all over the internet, Kat Stack outing rappers she slept with and gay folks claiming their space in the world. Shit is interesting to sitting here starting an argument with my husband about who left the toothpaste cap off and why didn’t you wipe up your crumbs off the counter…LOL really loud in Maryland!

Mel Gibson admits to hitting baby momma – The Superficial

Free blowjobs if your Robert Pattison – Fail

Who is Mel Gibson offending now – Dlisted

Strippers Chronicles Kenyon’s Martin Pool Party – SandraRose

Lonnie David Franklin Jr. Arrested for Grim Sleeper Serial Killings – Diaryofahollywoodstreetking

And “The Best Rebound Award” goes to…- theybf

Sean Puffy Combs New Line of Sean John – FreddyO

How to Spot a Token Negro and A Real Black Women – dreamandhustle

Discussion about Domestic Abuse relationships – Da Doo-Dirty Show: Thumping Thursday Ep 743

Man Beats Down Store Clerk who sold him small condoms – Wendyista

Ryan Seacrest is Dating Julianne Hough? Wait What? – Boston Barstool

Men Must Wear Muslim Approved Hairstyles – CoCoPerez

You Got Hate Mail – Michelle Malkin

Bad Boy Records, Warner Bros. Records, and Tommy Boy Music Sue Porn Website for Not Giving them their piece – Misstilaomg

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