Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lion’s Lair

hqdefault Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions LairCyberspace has been on fire since the story broke about the alleged allegations against Bishop Long…everyone has chimed in from around the world except for the Bishop. His representatives has spoken on his behalf but he is mum…dude canceled his press conference after pictures showed up with him posing in a bathroom fully clothed…..a third victim has come forward today. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes has canceled a campaign appearance with Bishop Eddie Long amid accusations that inappropriate sexual relationships with three young male parishioners. Black community has rushed to Bishop Long’s defense stating quoting the biblical verse: “The touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm” (Psalm 105:15) On Inside Edition last night, Ted Haggard said he can empathize:

“I think he’s heartbroken, I think he’s confused,” Haggard said on the program Wednesday. “I’ll tell you how I felt. I felt like I’d ruined my life.”

Haggard’s wife, Gayle, who stood by her husband during the scandal that forced his 2006 resignation, added that Long “has been a great man. … He has done wonderful things. I hope they hold onto that knowledge as they try to understand what these allegations are about, if they are indeed true.”

The Christian Science Monitor asks if this case will alter the black church’s view of gays And Newsweek has a piece by Joshua Alston, a black gay man living in Atlanta, also addressing The Black Church, Homophobia, and Pastor Eddie Long.

Bishop crib Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions LairThis case is getting messier by the minute…the black church community is probably going through that OMGod shocking revelation that one of their beloved Bishops is a closet gay man who preached from pulpit and slept with these young men. I really don’t care that the Bishop is gay but the allegations of these young men are strong enough to make one question the leadership and roles that church folks pray on our youth….this happens more than most folks care to discuss in the black community…we have soo many secrets and skeletons that we are ashamed to discuss. Say something someone does not agree with and they scamper…and judge! How did Bishop behavior go on for this long without the church questioning it or firing him before something like this become public fodder is unbeknown-st to me and the world? This reminds me of the Catholic church and their hidden secrets. The story “Precious” about incest came to light and black folks were real quiet except to talk smack but did not want to confront the serious issue that it may be happening right under their eyes. I blame the parents of these children who refuse to confront the real issues their children the hands of the violators that rob the child’sof their  innocence and virtue. It just took the black children longer to get the courage to step forward…I would not be surprise if more youngsters come tumbling out the church closet. His poor wife and children…I can’t imagine how she is holding herself back from wanting to beat a brother down. The evidence will be the paper-trail, text, receipts, gifts, phone and travel logs from flights and church payroll …if they exist. The youths who file the lawsuit own creditability is being used against them to make them back down-breaking into the church for example to claim the boys can’t be trusted. That is not enough to dispute that the married Bishop who is the head of an organization is having sex with boys and then that same man preaches against homosexuality? What is up with that?  It is common for folks to try to use ish against you to make their own transgressions appear perfect but there is three sides to this story. Bishop, the boys and the truth! Oh yeah…Bishop living large! Check out the size of that crib. I want to be a pastor and a Bishop! It pays well!

Bishop 1 Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions LairOn another note…it took a lot of courage for the first young man to put Bishop on blast if the allegations are proven true. All you need is one person to be the lone ranger! Now we have three boys….more to follow? One thing is for certain…most blacks will keep ish on the hush hush and denounced those who want to come forward to bash the beloved Bishop. I can only speak from a black person perspective because I am a black women who has watch that quiet type of behavior within my own family tree. Nothing deep but nonetheless an issue that always baffled the hell out of me….yell the tea and the dirt from the rooftops dammit!

At this point I don’t know who to believe…I have an eighteen year old son. We are knee deep in his business because he is a young man who have yet to understand the world and the pitfalls that one can fall into. Plus he still resides in our house and we are responsible for his well being and care therefore giving us the authority to question his choices and decisions. Still not sure who to blame here but if these allegations are true…the Bishop needs to step down to prevent a mighty fall of his entire church and congregation. His fall from grace started the day the news broke…save the church and his family the additional  embarrassment..quietly go away @Bishop Long.

I do believe that the Bishop will have to lean on several parables that his congregation probably are screaming from the pews around the clock. No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 54:17

Matt. 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” and another favorite “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” John 8:7.

I get all of that but this is an extremely legal matter not the church confronting the Bishop with allegations that are seriously questioning his behavior. If anyone need Jesus it is the Bishop and his family, his ATL followers, those young boys and the entire 25,000 member congregation.

Bishop 2 Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions Lair

When his Ms. Long look at these online pictures I wonder if she notices whose bathroom Bishop is standing in front of a mirror with his iPhone snapping a picture of himself? Who is the picture intend for and did he send her a copy? Is it the Long residence bathroom? Based on the size of the bathroom in the picture that does not look like the size of a bathroom that belong in a mini mansion….then again what the hell do I know? He could have been traveling and sending physical fitness buds this image? This is a case of when being connected through social media and your penis goes terribly wrong….

#JUSTSAYING everyone has an opinion including me! Based on the Tom Joyner interview…one thing is for certain I agree with the host. Why isn’t Bishop denouncing these allegations in person…press conference? What is the motive for these young men to come forward? Why wait 48 hours to make an announcement? They stole some material goods soo that makes them a liar? Sounds like drama for real..and desperation wrapped up in a scandalous package of exposure of one of the most highly respectable and revered Bishop’s in the black community. Shit was gonna happen sooner rather than later…the black church has not had a scandal this large since Jesse Jackson cheating on his wife and impregnated a young mistress. Bad example but heck I can’t think straight right now! That remains to be seen…cause the booty bumping acts with the young boys has been let out of the skeleton with a whole lot of dust in the back of your closet. Listen to that whack ass lawyer Bishop he hired.: Here we go with the they are gay, liars, stolen material stuff and need money bullshit.. Hell Yeah they need money..our asses are in a recession, the lawyer need money too! He liable to say anything to get paid to defend the Bishop despite innocence or guilt. That the real skinny but no one wants to talk about that…the lawyer is not on the cutting board. Right now the church folks are calling these young men a lot of ish but the child of “GOD,” they may be all of the things that society considers the scum of the earth but guess what? If the Bishop did lured the boys and others youngsters into his lions lair…what would that make him? Spiritual Daddy! Fire the attorney while your at it too…his emphasize is on the Bishop kind acts towards young men, the community…what about the girls? Matter of fact prove it while your at it! The Bishop is waiting to give a press conference until Sunday makes the Bishop look guilty especially for a man who owe folks around the world who revered him an explanation since the story broke. About now I don’t care if they broke into the Bishop Long’s office with ski-mask, burn down the fucking church, call you an asswipe and rip up all of your Under Armour gear-perhaps that is all part of the drama that was yet to unfold. Gay folks do have tons of funny and dramatic moments that could fill a novel honey…don’t get it twisted. The only thing that is twisted about now is those church folks wigs, weaves and holy than thou attitudes at First Baptist. They can sing praises until the cows come home if dude is up to no damn good.. just say your gay already, resigned and spare yourself further embarrassment by lying about your sexuality…that is the one thing the youngsters has over the Bishop head and of course by the balls. If he is in the closet and don’t want to come out….POW! Word on cyberstreet Bishop is bisexual….I don’t know the man but it makes one read the headlines story. This is better than regular television. One thing is for certain Bishop does have good taste in men…all three of those young men are good looking men and Bishop body is tight!!! #Justsaying he sexy ya’all in that Under Armour get up in his bathroom or someone’s bathroom! I wonder what Ms. Long is doing about now….ole girl over here would have had to be dragged out in cuffs out of our house by the Frederick, Maryland police department. I am not saying I would have killed anyone but the neighbors sure hell would have thought I was when they saw him running down the street after I chased him out the house….it would have been an very public Elin and Tiger moment for sure!

Day 3 – the lawyers are playing the theatrical drama out in the media…fodder or fact?

Long’s attorney, Craig Gillen, read a brief statement from Long on the air this morning on The Tom Joyner Morning show on Kiss 104.1 and The Frank & Wanda Morning Show on V-103.

“I have been through storms and my faith has always sustained me. I am anxious to respond directly to these false allegations, and I will do so. However, my lawyers counseled patience at this time. Let me be clear: The charges against me and New Birth are false,” the statement said.

“I have devoted my life to helping others and these false allegations hurt me deeply, but my faith is strong and the truth will emerge.” Long asked for patience “as we continue to categorically deny each and every one of these ugly charges” and requested prayers for himself, his family and the church. He said he will respond to his congregation from the pulpit on Sunday. “These false allegations are an attack on Bishop Long personally,” Gillen said. “They are an attack on New Birth, the entire church and all of its 25,000 good people who attend that church, and it’s an attack on the mentoring program that has helped thousands of young men. It is deeply, deeply unfortunate that these allegations have been made. They will be met.”

bishop 3 Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions Lair

I love how Drama Dupree and what’s the t make light of a serious suitation. Check out how Rick Sanchez tries to dig deep into the shocking story.

hqdefault Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions Lair

Update 6:37 PM the accusers making it rain in a classroom setting? Now what do we have here with the allege victims?

hqdefault Bishop Long Luring Young Boys Into His Lions Lair

Maurice Robinson Lawsuit

Anthony Flagg Lawsuit

The plaintiff’s Video on why they’re suing.

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