Billboard Star Angry about Pulled “Rip and Roll” Ad *UPDATED

rip roll 349x530 Billboard Star Angry about Pulled Rip and Roll Ad *UPDATED

This safe sex advertisement has been pulled from Brisbane bus shelters after the Australian Christian Lobby complained it was offensive.

HIV campaigners are outraged the safe sex promotion featuring a fully clothed, hugging gay couple has been pulled from Queensland bus shelters by Adshel.

In response to the removal of the posters, Michael James set up the Facebook group titled ‘Homophobia – NOT HERE – Adshel Caves to Homophobic Pressure‘. The group urges members to contact AdShel and demand that the posters be put back up in their original location.

So far, thousands of people have pledged their support to the group.

In a statement received by Mumbrella this morning, AdShel said:

Adshel responded to a series of individual complaints to the Adshel Office, Brisbane City Council and the Advertising Standards Bureau. All complaints were made by individual members of the public; none were identified as stemming from the Australian Christian Lobby.

Adshel does not have, and never had, any dealings with the Australian Christian Lobby and has not responded to any requests from this organisation.

Adshel has a commercial relationship with Brisbane City Council and commits itself to dealing appropriately with feedback from the community regarding the style and nature of advertising. The
decision to remove the posters was made on the basis of the large number of complaints received.

Adshel does not take a position regarding the views or position of various community groups.

UPDATE: ADVERTISING company Adshel has submitted to an online backlash against its decision to pull down billboards promoting safe sex after it was accused of homophobia. Source

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